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Newbies / Re: Message for Newbies !!
« on: 02:33, Mon 07 January 2013 »
Hi guy

im Rob, from the northampton area (i know poor me). how are you all? im on the rtoc as ren_5hitbox, i dont talk much but read every post lol. currently have a campus which will one day have something done to the engine (no idea what route yet).

ive wanted a 5 since my cousin owned one when i was a lad and he used to take me out through the town and drag everyone whilst listening to sneaker pimps 'spin spin sugar' :/

i also am self employed doing vehicle wraps and graphics for a living, some of my work has featured on top gear and 5th gear but maybe i will go on about that in a new thread

anyway.... enough about me, hope to hear from some new enthusiasts and would be good to have a midlands meet or something sometime???

stay safe  :D be cool  8)

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