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General Chat / Re: R5 gtt engine mount-gtx
« on: 09:26, Thu 11 October 2012 »
Thanks for the reply doin a f7p conversion into my campus. Tryin to get all bits b4 I start so hoping for a stress free swap. :s

Your cars / R5 going for f7p conversion
« on: 19:26, Wed 10 October 2012 »

Will be converting in the next few weeks

General Chat / R5 gtt engine mount-gtx
« on: 14:33, Wed 10 October 2012 »
Anybody know if their is a difference between the ggt rear mount and a gtx 1?

Newbies / Re: Hi all starting a f7p converted campus
« on: 13:27, Wed 10 October 2012 »

Newbies / Hi all starting a f7p converted campus
« on: 13:11, Wed 10 October 2012 »
Owner of a slammed r5 campus just about to start an f7p conversion in next few weeks. Have bought a donor clio 16v to do the swap any help in extra bits I should need would be appriated or knowledge into it.  Just got to locate a gtx mount then goin to start. Will post a few pics once figured out how to. Any help wud be grateful!

General Chat / Re: Taking the F7P Plunge
« on: 11:01, Wed 10 October 2012 »
Just about to do the same conversion to my campus but finding it hard to locate a gtx mount heard the standard gt turbo is similar! Does eny1 no? Bought a 1.8 valva so hopefully be a straight forward swap. If eny1 has has any pointers wud be appreciated or interested in a Clio shell with cage get in touch!

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