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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Trying to wire in remote central locking
« on: 17:35, Thu 13 September 2012 »
Are these the wires in the doors or at the button or on the connector block by the doors?

2 are electric windows - Orange / Green
2 are speakers - Orange / Orange
4 are door locks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Vac Pipe nightmare :(:(
« on: 17:31, Thu 13 September 2012 »
Ok sounds like you and me in a similar boat but thanks for the info about the perc fan.

Obviously need to look elsewhere for my cooling issue.  No needle bounce but it sits at 3/4 quarters constantly and would like it to be lower.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Vac Pipe nightmare :(:(
« on: 22:34, Wed 12 September 2012 »
Mantasrb your images I assume are those of your engine bay?

Can you help me out with a problem I have with the pipework and a device that seems to need an electrical connection but the wiring is not there.

Your top image shows a pipe that I believe comes from the perculator fan and then joins the air intake for the carb.  The pipe connects into an electric device that is fixed to the bulkhead just in front of the heater fan.  What is it and if its not connected does it affect the cooling operation?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Engine Types
« on: 22:01, Wed 12 September 2012 »
Although I own an R5 and I have been reading quote a few threads on here I am still a bit lost as to exactly how you identify exactly which engine I have in my vehicle.  I am also a bit concerned with the amount of items which appear to require electrical connections but dont seem to have any wires or connectors near them even though the vehicle was supposed to have been re-wired before I bought it (yes I know should have read first before going out and spending the money).

Anyhow back to the original quesiton.  How do you identify the engine type is it a C1J, C1E, etc.  I can only find a six digit number on the side of the block that reads L 569 160.  Have looked at the post regarding engine types but this doesn't seem to match anything close to whats on there or have I read it wrong?  All I know is that it has an AEI 209 unit fitted but no anti knock sensor although half is in the boot in a box of bits.

Any help would be appreciated.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Standard Bumpers with 15" Wheels
« on: 13:23, Sat 31 March 2012 »
Have looked in the forums and this is bound to have been answered but cannot find it even after searching.

I have a modified standard rear bumper and some weird front bumper that seems to weigh as much as the car. The problem is that whoever fitted the bumpers has decided to leave about 3/4 inch gap on the side mounts and not put the blocks in. The is causing the bumpers to droop. Now is this standard for 15" wheels or does some other mod have to be done to the bumpers to get them to fit flush and still use te proper mounts.

I do have access to a front and rear ph1 set and would like to fit these.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Large Red Connector Block in Centre Console
« on: 00:11, Mon 26 March 2012 »
Just want to check with people that know becuase I have looked through the wonderful world of Haynes and it doesn't show this.

I have dangling in my centre console a very large RED connector block with a lot of orange and brown wires coming out of it.  Before I go and start cutting wires out can some one please enlighten me as to what it is for.  I am assuming it is for the original stereo unit that once sat in the centre console but I may be wrong.

Can anyone give me the right answer

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Window Motors
« on: 00:07, Mon 26 March 2012 »
I have searched and read many articles about these.  I have checked the wiring and so far so good.  +12v and -12V across Green and Orange connector block depending which way I press the button.  Problem I have is that the motors do not make a sound when they are connected.  As the vehcile has been stored for over 5 years is it possible the motors have seized?

If they have can they be brought back to life and if not is there an alternative such as Clio Phase 1?

If not has anyone got a guide to overhauling the window system to make it nearly as good as new with a decent second hand version.  Please dont suggest changing them to wind up.


Well still going through all the paperwork that came with the car but do know that the vehicle was ordered on the 18th July 1987, delivered on the 1st August 1987, cost 9,000 and was purchased fron Henlys of Croydon.  Found the original purchase receipt.  8)

Well thats handy to know.  

Shame the previous owner took the whole alarm system out of the vehicle when they were trying to mod it up as a track car.  I have the alarm in a box in the boot  :roll:  :shock:

Going to check the motors first to see if they are still working and then take it from there.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clutch, Gearbox or Engine
« on: 13:04, Tue 06 March 2012 »
Right update.  Mechanic has been out and listened to the noise and advised its either thrush bearings or something has come off in the gearbox worst case something has broken.  Suggested get a replacement gearbox which is a pain as I have another working engine and gearbox on my drive but its in another motor and also jumps out of second on roundabouts.  Was using this as a donor for the fact the vehicle I purchased had no interior other than dash and 2 bucket seats.  Was not really planning to get the engine/gearbox out.

Removing the gearbox is not a job for the faint of heart I assume.

My skills out of 10 are as follows:-

Vehicle Electrics - 8
Minor Mechanical - 5
Major Mechanical - 2

I don't at present have the tools necessary to do the job if the engine has to be lifted out or the sub frame has to be dropped.  I also have to state I don't have a garage in which to do this only a canvas cover and my drive.

As I have other concerns with regards to the engine including the cooling system and a small leak which I can't seem to find, would it be better to get it loaded and off to someone like K-Tec to resolve or if anyone can recommend a decent place within Hampshire.  Had set myself a budget when I bought this of 2000 including purchase of a new car to get it up together and in a presentable state so have the money to get it fixed if need be.  It just means other plans will have to wait.

Haynes manuals are not much use when it comes to this and as my first mechanical job it seems a steep learning curve which may have serious consequences if not done 100% correct.

Car has been de-locked and all central locking motors are present but no interior sensor.  Car originally had alarm which I assume operated the central locking but this has also now been removed.  

If I remove a working remote headline fitted sensor from another R5 can the remote I still have for the now none existant alarm still operate the central locking, if I plug this unit in?

Thankfully my neighbours know me so I do not look to odd trying to break into my own car with a coat hangar each day.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Clutch, Gearbox or Engine
« on: 23:22, Sun 04 March 2012 »
OK just got my car driven 70 miles home. 15 miles from home car pops out of 5th for no reason on motorway.  Put car back in gear and drive.  Motor incident causes me to slow down and stop.  Engage clutch and select 1st.  Upon releasing the clutch car drives but chattering from car.  Change up to 2nd chattering becomes less and then hit 3rd and chattering disappears.  Manage to get car home driving from 1st to 3rd.

Starting car up today briefly chattering occurs when car is in neutral but as soon as clutch presed down or is engaged chattering stops.  Now I don't believe its a problem with the gearbox as the gears can all be selected and the car will try and pull away in all gears.  

Don't believe its the clutch as there seems to be no slippage when engaging gears.

So is it my engine or something in between?

Did have a search and read through previous posts but bits were relevant in all three sections so didn't know what to believe.



Just collected my E Reg Blue turbo which is a bit poorly at the moment.  

Thankfully I have a pearlescent white donor one also sat on my drive which I hope has the necessary parts to put her right.  

Did originally have plans for the white one after putting it through the MOT it became a money pit with serious body rot behind the skirts and arches and leaked like a sieve.  Thankfully it did not cost me anything to buy someone just wanted rid of her and I said I'd take her.  She did 60 miles after her MOT before being put under covers 2 years ago.  After a jump start she still starts first time everytime and purrs quite nicely.  

My new one is a bit more intact having been semi restored and sat 5 years doing nothing.  Its been stripped of most inside materials and only has 2 bucket seats with racing harnesses and again apart from a competition clutch and some engine mods it still need some work.

Not too sure what was done to either car before I acquired them and not really being a petrol head I couldn't tell you. I just like the car and being 40 I remember them first time round, hot of the production line.

Hopefully my questions will not seem to daft but we shall see.



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