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Newbies / Re: hi im new to the renault 5 and on the look out for one
« on: 18:39, Wed 14 September 2011 »
Well I went for something sort of halfway in between bodywork is mint amd standard with only 80k from new with all mots to back it up! Fully standard but runs a bit strange just doesn't feel quite right! It doesn't over heat or anything just does t feel right! It's not been run properly in over 18 months so not sure if it's anything to do with that? Anybody no anyone from derby/ notts way that's good with these cars that could sort it out for me? Thanks elliot

Newbies / hi im new to the renault 5 and on the look out for one
« on: 11:27, Sun 11 September 2011 »
hi everyone can i start by saying how hard it is to register on this site, when you register its really hard to read the code that you have to put it and took me about 5 attempts lol

After selling my focus rs ive always wanted a 5 gt so now ive got a garage to store it in ive decided to bite the bullet and im on the search for a standard or near standard one, but they are becoming really hard to find.

cheers elliot

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