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Newbies / Re: Hey from Wales
« on: 16:35, Fri 09 September 2011 »
yea, ive found a couple, but they're all down south and as far Sounth as you can go :/ There is one in Leeds, which isnt too far, also advertised on here, but I cant get in touch with the guy, he wants offers around 850, but wont reply, gaaaaah, haha.

Newbies / Re: Hey from Wales
« on: 18:15, Thu 08 September 2011 »
Cheers dude  8)

Newbies / Re: Hey from Wales
« on: 13:14, Thu 08 September 2011 »
Hey, cheers, Ive had a quick look on the site, do I have to pay to join?
Ive had modd'd 5's before and just really want a nice mint standard car, fingers crossed hey :D

Newbies / Hey from Wales
« on: 22:51, Wed 07 September 2011 »
Hi guys, im new to the group, anyone from the N Wales area?

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