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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Non ending Spluttering... h e l p
« on: 17:22, Sun 21 August 2011 »
Hi there, thanks for the advise
I stripped the carb down put it back ran the same but....i took off the lobster and looked down the venturi and there was gas pissing down it. sent it to cgb and found that the main jet was a 1.5 and the others on the side were the wrong way wrong. not its been but back to standard and it runs  fantastic!

anyone needing advise/help with this problem let me no...i tried everything before solving this ....literally!

now i gotta get the boost running properly....will keep u guys posted! :D

Newbies / New on the forum
« on: 16:50, Sun 21 August 2011 »
Hi Guys Im Jason, im new to the forum but not to renault 5s. Ive owned 4 so far a TR, TL,  gtt but it never ran it was my first bought as an amature from a rip off garage with a blown head and a promise to fix but never did  :evil:  and my current a proper working model, which ive owned for the past 7yrs but never managed to get it properly on the road till now, due to time and money restraints as well as ongoing problems.

But none the less im here now, i knew the day would come when i could have that baby on the road, legal AND most of all Working!!!

so heres where im at. Got it out my folks garage back in April to get it mot'd what started as a few hundred pounds turned out to be failure on two pages and a shed load of welding.
1200 poorer and 6 weeks later, new mot and tax. I then had to have an alarm before bringing it home as every one ive owned has been raped! so i opted for a viper pager alarm 300 including fitting extra switches etc. its basic but does the job. so far no problems....touch wood.

the biggest ongoing problem ive faced for the past two months was trying to get the thing to run properly. been running rich, juddering etc, long story short lol after numerious trials and errors and more at the garage not to mention hours on the forum, i finally solved it!
turns out the previous owner tried to modify the carb to a ''group A'' and changed the main jet to a 1.5 without any other mods! also got the a few of the diaphrams on the side the wrong way round etc. Thanks to Bob and Jay @ cgb its now all solved!

so motor is running much better needs a few minor adjustments, now i have to get the boost working properly.
ive got a group a set up but i think its loosing pressure somewhere and its showing negative pressure on the gauge. I need a diagram so anyone that can help, it would be much appreciated

neways its good to be on the forum and i look forward to meeting u guys and coming out to a few runs etc


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Non ending Spluttering... h e l p
« on: 21:43, Thu 04 August 2011 »
Hi Im Jason and im new to the forum. Ive had my gtt for the last 7 yrs but sadly its been in the garage for the majority of that time, its seen the road a few times but never had much luck with it.
I finally decided to get it out the garage in april and get it mot'd which started cheap but blew my speed up in time its never really run well, it did ok for a bit, then got worse.

im having the same/similar problem as described. I have tried everything and having come close to the end and giving up to the dreaded ebay for scrap.....i thort id cracked it yesterday after replacing the plugs.....she idled 900-1000 rpm and drove the best since april.

so i think i can safely say that the car is overfuelling/mixture too rich....
I dont know if the carb is modified and begining to think it has been to a dreaded "group A"
I know i can buy a afr meter/wideband, (but cant afford it right now)
or i can re'jet it, cuzi need a quickish/simple solution
so heres the question, after establishind that the carb is chucking to much fuel do i sort it?

pls help! in the mean time ill keep searching the forum

cheers j

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