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Newbies / 21 years since last one!!!
« on: 17:44, Thu 07 April 2011 »
Hi all, just thought i would say hi and introduce myself after being lucky enough to quickly jump on the sale and treat myself to a very nice well thoughtout phase 2 5 GT Turbo, its Raj's old one, think he is fairly well known in these circles!

Deposit paid and collect Sat.

I owned an E'88 phase 2 Turbo back in 1990, and loved every minute! but since then been around the block trying nearly everything under the sun from 2 GTI-R's, M3 Evo cab, E39 M5, LCR,Jag S Type R,GTO, RS4,RS6 and the infamous money pit 10 yes 10 Subaru's! 2 of which were 450bhp and 550bhp. Just lost the heart and soul after one problem after another. Hand on heart though i think i wil still end up with another one day lol.

Think with the fresh build and nearly everything new on 5 then i am after some fairly cheap (in comparison) fun with some reasonably big power mods looming once ran in and minor things sorted to my taste.

Looking forward to meeting up with you guys at meets/events soon.

Regards  Scott.

pics as soon as!!

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