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Those rims look identical to the ones i had on my first car :lol: looking smart mate also 2nd pic is that the chuckle brothers i see

General Chat / Re: trouble starting
« on: 12:37, Thu 23 February 2012 »
Managed to get it started, had fuel spraying out the jet you mentioned so i cleaned the dizzy up even though i've just ordered a new one and she fired up, can't wait to get on the road :P

General Chat / Re: trouble starting
« on: 18:21, Tue 21 February 2012 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Take the lobster top off mate, look down the throat and when you move the acclerator see if you can see a stream of fuel come out of the jet pointing downwards.

Never knew that was you on fb, i was first to reply on there to you  :wink:

It's cuz your such the babe mark haha :lol: Is taking the lobster off and looking for a stream in relation to the accelerator pump jet lever working properly? how much should you be able to move it by hand? mine moves in both directions with a few mill of play, it's just weird because i haven't tweaked anything since last startup so it's proper pickling my head, going to get the dizzy off tomorrow and have a mooch around then try fire her up

General Chat / Re: trouble starting
« on: 15:45, Tue 21 February 2012 »
right so i'm in bluntys r5 facebook group and was told to check my accelerator pump jet lever to see if it was stuck, i've done that it moves freely even though it appears to be sticking slightly and also comes unclipped from where it mounts if i play with it abit too much, how much play is it supposed to have guys? it's a group a pos so i'm going to be getting a standard carb back on anyway i just want to get it through the mot thenn get spending

General Chat / Re: Daily driver
« on: 19:25, Mon 20 February 2012 »
Yurppp when i'm actually insured etc, my raiders the only car i've got :mrgreen:

General Chat / trouble starting
« on: 18:50, Mon 20 February 2012 »
Pulled the 5 out of my nans garage to get it ready for mot and had abit of trouble starting it, it's getting fuel and has spark but it seems like it's hesitating, it was fine the last time i started it this is probably a few months ago, carb is dechoked etc i'm guessing maybe it's because it hasn't been ran in a while it IS firing though just not enough to start it, friends suggested checking the dizzy and plugs out and warming them up and trying. Going to give it another go tomorrow what do you guys think?

been searching forums also is there anything electrical i could of knocked that's causing it not to start? if so i'll check in the morning

Your cars / Re: my phase 1 hope you like.
« on: 12:27, Thu 09 February 2012 »
what exhaust is that  :mrgreen:

General Chat / sideskirts
« on: 14:29, Tue 07 February 2012 »
getting my sills done in march pretty simple question makes me feel inadequate but how do the sideskirts come off? do i need to remove my arch trims too? don't want to go manhandling them and snap one :twisted:

General Chat / Re: jets
« on: 12:55, Fri 03 February 2012 »
According to his site he does rolling road tuning carbs included

General Chat / Re: jets
« on: 07:48, Thu 02 February 2012 »
cheers guys

Your cars / Re: Renault 5 GT turbo ph.II Croatia
« on: 13:26, Wed 01 February 2012 »
LOVE that half suede steering wheel

General Chat / Re: jets
« on: 12:56, Wed 01 February 2012 »
I'm running a t28 at the moment, anyone on here able to check afr's or know of anywhere near cheshire/wirral that can set them up? i do plan on getting a wideband and tinkering myself at some point. i just want to get her back on the road first, although she seems to run sweet and boost up fine as it is without no funny noises etc

General Chat / jets
« on: 11:21, Wed 01 February 2012 »
Currently just getting some welding finished up before i put my car in for mot and get her back on the road, first of all i'd like abit more power, i'm at 10 psi at the moment and don't have a clue what the carbs jetted for ive been told 19 :|, it starts  and runs fine pulls nicely on boost, bogs down a little bit at low rpm if your frisky with the throttle but im guessing that's just carbs, it's totally drivable though. i've also got a shitty group a carb as far as i'm aware, should i just stick at 10 psi till i get a wideband or are there any other ways to get more power without risk of damaging engine? also i don't suppose when i've got it on the road if anyone feels like coming down and giving my 5 a little check over, would be very appreciated and would pay.

General Chat / c1j
« on: 20:11, Wed 18 January 2012 »
how much do they fetch? possibly selling mine to fund a 480 i have a recipt for the rebuild it had etc, was just wondering what they fetch standard or non standard, i was debating leaving my t28 on and selling it with all hoses etc so i get abit more :lol:

Your cars / Re: my 5 before restoration!!!
« on: 17:05, Wed 18 January 2012 »
Quote from: "gt5rob"
Sounds good mate, currently on my 3rd year as a plater at a Cammell Laird shipyard, really enjoying it at the moment as ive been doing some QA work in the office. Hoping to do a HND in the next couple of years, not too sure what to go for though  :lol:   Loving all the work on your r5, im currently sorting the body work out on mine, hoping to get it done by this year, slowly crossing things off the list  :lol:
cammell lairds bhead mate? i'm near there haha

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