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Cheers man ill keep that in mind

ive not personally seen then on a 5

but ive seen many volvo 340s running f7p engines on bike carbs

but anyones input is much apreciated :D

No one... :roll:

gathering all the bits to convert to f7p

not going turbo yet! so were guna run it on bike carbs

1st of all has anyone on here or know anyone thats running a similer set up?

and 2nd what sorta ignition parts were needed..

also is it a case the t piece method for fueling them

any info would be greatful

thanks in advance

General Chat / Re: need help f7p
« on: 01:56, Mon 01 August 2011 »
There aint nuffin wrong with bike carbs what so ever

alot of people i know are running them now there bloody awsome and the sound they produce is imense  :D

anyone got a build thread of f7p to look through.........

Your cars / Re: 01mlaceys bike carbed mk3 polo
« on: 22:55, Wed 13 April 2011 »
yeah man ill sort some soon :)

Your cars / Re: 01mlaceys bike carbed mk3 polo
« on: 20:24, Sun 10 April 2011 »
Are wicked thanks ill get that right next time  :lol:

Im pritty much vw nuts aswell

but since my mates had his raider im loving R5s now to ,i just dont like how unreliable they are

id need a converted one with a reliable engine i think :wink:  

Will get more pics up when i cba  :lol:

Your cars / 01mlaceys bike carbed mk3 polo
« on: 02:19, Sun 10 April 2011 »
yes its not a R5 but i thought id share a few pics of my mk3 polo breadvan


Suspension: Uprated shocks & springs at 60/40 drop Phil J kit

ARB: Polybushed with powerflex bushes

Brakes: Standard Vw1 calipers etc & Greenstuff pads

Wheels: currently running mk4 polowhite blasted in gloss white

Engine: 1.4 8V AEX, running on 600 gsf bike carbs

Gearbox: 4 Speed box

Exhaust: Standard mainfold ,Peco backbox twin 3 inch tailpipe and the exhaust pipes tucked!

Bodywork: Blue striped bumpers,De-trimmed,De-badged grill,Smoothed boot (Yet to be sprayed),Clear front & side indecators,Seat ibiza splitter(from a desial)  ,DTM mirrors and tinted rear lights

Interior: What interior lmao :lol:  2 GT front seats ,dash and a rear strut

ICE:Cd player

Pics of the engine bay: (willget more if anyones intrested :D

As said im not an R5 owner just joined for a friend but im on here quite often reading build threads as theres some decent ones and lots of useful stuff

hope im excusd for whoring my dub but i love it!


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider PROBLEMS
« on: 02:05, Sun 10 April 2011 »
Carbs was very black inside ,but not in the float chamber ,ive now refurbed it for him

plans have changed by alot since we started fidlling with it,the engines now out and my mates planning on a full rebuild with forged pistins,rods etc

hes wants to get it runing at 240 bhp or more as he wants an early grave :lol:

once its running at that he plans the get a nitrious kit with a 500 shot of nos  

so hes defogoing to die :lol:

on a serious note i thinkits going totake awhile toall get done but upgrading on the cooling side of things should hopefully make it more reliable including a rebuild should help

fingers crossed

thaks to the very few people that commented this post  :mrgreen:


Your cars / Re: Getting new project, hopefully!
« on: 01:57, Sun 10 April 2011 »
:lol: Half of its missing  :lol:

Spotted / Was It You? / Re: RAT R5 campus
« on: 23:46, Mon 04 April 2011 »
aint seen it for ages but i will do if isee it :)

Your cars / Re: My Old silver GTT :-( RIP and my old Clio
« on: 23:55, Wed 23 March 2011 »
Quote from: "nadgtt1982"
What a sad way to start a thread :( . Nice clio though, what you driven now

i thought that ,such a shame :(

143.5bhp & 152.4lbft. in a r5 i bet thts crazy

sounds like a fair price aswell

i need my polo rolling roaded to set up my bike carbs set up

Your cars / Re: my r5 turbo
« on: 23:51, Wed 23 March 2011 »
more picsssssssssssssssssssss :P

Your cars / Re: The new campus project!
« on: 23:50, Wed 23 March 2011 »

Your cars / Re: Old Pearl
« on: 23:49, Wed 23 March 2011 »




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