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Newbies / Re: Hello.
« on: 00:11, Fri 18 February 2011 »
ah... well the turbo i got uses a t2 exhaust flange i think ;)

its a really effficient turbo for high boost applications, and can be got for not too much, theres oe on ebay for 150 off an iveco at the moment. maybe worth a try for one of you lads?

Newbies / Hello.
« on: 01:19, Thu 10 February 2011 »
alright not got a renault 5 but have a custom turbo mini in the works, on here to see what you lot are using/ doing as we have similar size engines etc..

gone gor the gt2056 on my a series. any of you using these aswell, quite popular turbos in the mini side of things along with the gt1752.

anyway HI.

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