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General Chat / Re: how old are we all???????
« on: 20:37, Thu 03 February 2011 »
30 here, must be a car from when we were just to young to drive and couldnt afforded one lol
 :lol:  i wonder what car the kids of today will be restoring probably evos and subarus?

Newbies / New guy
« on: 23:55, Wed 05 January 2011 »
Hello nice to meet you, say hi your always welcome! I am a big fan of the 5 and it's been too long since I owned one almost 6 years!!!!!!! as I remember you cannot beat the thrill of the drive all news cars are poo in comparison my aim is to try and restore one and get some decent engine results, that's the goal anyway it's all talk at the minute as money is a bit tight what with a family after Christmas but hope in the near future one will grace my driveway? :D  Hope  to see you at some events! Also a RTOC member

Thanks Andy Walker

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