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Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 12:07, Thu 06 January 2011 »
Firts of all, a very good new year to all of you!
Second, thanks for all the nice replys i had from the pics of my GTT.
Was hpong that somebody could help me out with getting a RTOC sticker so if there's somebody...

Your cars / My 1985 completely rebuild phase1 R5, from holland
« on: 22:07, Wed 22 December 2010 »
Well here's my completely rebuilded 1985 phase 1.
mint condition on the inside aswell as the outside.
I've cleaned the doorlocks and made a single wiper conversion.
Some of the extra's i installed:
-SFS hosekit.
-group A carb.
-T25 turbo.
-one piece 2.5" S.S. elbow/downpipe.
-extern boostmeter.

Just had my K-tec rear bumper and side skirts in from CGB and will be mounted this winter.

Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 21:42, Wed 22 December 2010 »

My brand new T25 turbo wich i bought on Ebay in canada.
Was actually real cheap!! around 350,- GBP including shipping it and it is worth every penny!
Drives real smooth. bBoost pressure is now @16 pSI (1.1 BAR) and turbo revs up around 3700 rpm. Goes like hell!

Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 21:38, Wed 22 December 2010 »

A perfectly welded one-piece 2.5" elbow/ downpipe made by big Jim racing.

Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 05:04, Wed 22 December 2010 »

The inside...perfect seats without any damage.
The car was bought new in 1985 by the previous owner, wich owned it for 20 years.
no rust, dents or any other bad points...
Full engine rebuilt planned for next winter...

Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 04:56, Wed 22 December 2010 »

As third baby.
Just got mt K-tec rear bumper and side skirts from the U.K. wich will be fitted this winter.

Newbies / Re: Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 23:13, Wed 15 December 2010 »

Can somebody tell me how to upload any pics?


Newbies / Hello fellow boost junkies.
« on: 00:05, Tue 14 December 2010 »
Hi, to all of you who share the same love as i do...R5 GT TURBO.
My name is Harry, a 37 year dutch chap.
Since a couple of years i am the proud owner of my phase 1(1985) GTT wich i also call my third child.
Completely restaured, cleaned the locks and painted it in Renault Orage blue
from the inside aswell as the outside the car is a true beauty no cracks, dents holes or what so ever.
Under the bonnet i spoiled myself with a T25 turbo, a 2.5 inchstainless onepiece elbow-downpipe (bigjim racing), SFS hoses, aluminium radiator and group A carb.
Driving @ 14 psi (1 bar) and even i could get more boost it goes like hell.
Reason i hooked up with the U.K. R5 guys i because here in Holland there's a small group of R5 lovers but they are not my kind of guys...
Anyway, The UK is THE place to be if your an R5 boost junkie are cause, it's so cheap over there.
Added some pics of my pride and joy!

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