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Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
To be honest in 5th gear at that sort of revs these cars don't tend to like being up there that much.
It would be cool !! Take 7000rpm in 4th gear without problem (200-210kmh) and take 230-240kmh in 5th gear !!!!! :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:

But with our heads of shit......... :evil:  :lol:

Yes, I drove yesterday, in 4th gear at 6500rpm and in 5th at 6000rpm I listen pinking/detonation (with stetoscope) ! And I looked the AFR, and it rises up 12/12.5..... before I've 11/11.5 ! I think I empty the carb.....

I will try with a little pump and big needle valve, otherwise I will try with few degrees of retard on my renix 209

Thank you :wink: !

Yes, ok with an AFR !! I've an AFR gauge .. the ZEITRONIX ZT-2 ! :wink:

I've 11.5 all the time, and sometimes 11 @17/18psi, and when I listen pinking/det in 5th gear I stop immediatly and the afr is always under 12, but it looks like it rises gradually (maybe like a carb emptying).

I've 8:1 in comp, a turbo KKK k16 (bigger than a T25),my renix 209 (tested with the box renix "rx3" Renault) and standard sensor is ok , and I've an alloy intercooler double capacity :(  (maybe here the problem !! poor intercooler in 5th gear at 6000rpm!! I don't have display for the intake temperature, but soon!), and soon also an intercooler water that I would put just after my intercooler, WITH my current intercooler ! .................... :roll:

Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Are you monitoring your fuel when at that revs in 5th gear?
No, How to do?

Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Your engine dettinating may not be donw to carb emptying, could be other factors mate.
Yes, I don't know.. What others factors there may be?

Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
To be honest mate i would stay with the larger fuel pump and keep the needle jet smaller, i find it works alot better that way  :wink:
Ok thanks.. ! I thought the opposite .. It was best with big needle valve and little fuel pump !

I've pinking detonation after approximatively 6000rpm in 5 .. I thought I emptied the carb, but only in the fifth, after 5800/5900/6000rpm..... :roll:

Yes, it's exactly that !!

I will try to put a standard fuel pump with a needle valve 2mm, if it's not ok, I will try with needle valve 1.8mm..


I found !!

A needle valve of 2 or 2.5mm with a big fuel pump -> big holes ! With a standard fuel pump gt turbo, perfect.. ! It seems that a big needle valve and a big fuel pump doesn't work ! But a big needle valve and a standard fuel pump, it's ok ! :wink:

What is your fuel pump (those who use a needle valve of 2mm) ? Me, I've a fuel pump Walbro 255l/h..


Yes ! Before, I had only a needle valve of 2.5mm ... and I thought the problem was there ! Needle valve too big ! So, I've put a standard needle valve of 1.7mm and then no problem ....... I then ordered a needle valve of 2mm, I put him and I've the same holes than with a needle valve of 2.5mm ! With a 1.7mm, perfect !

You think there is not sealing properly? Because, when I drive slowly 2500/3000rpm / 50/60mph .. no problem ! There is holes only when I accelerate strong..

Hi !

On my carb:

-venturi 25mm standard
-main jet 1.2
-a/c 1.0mm
-1st stage 1.0mm
-2nd stage 1.5mm

I've holes after each long loads.......... each speed, as a "cut of ignition" during a big second, the gtt "stifles" ! I've test with needle valve 2.5mm and 2mm .. always the same prob, with a 1.7mm standard, perfect ! :|  :|

I took a long time before finding that it came from there, because for me there is no "relation" between a needle valve and a hole when I accelerate !

(I change JUST the needle valve !)

A friend who have put a needle valve of 2.5mm, same prob ! He put the 1.7mm standard and perfect .. !

Who has already had the same problem?!

Thank you. :wink:

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 13:04, Mon 24 January 2011 »
Last pics about bbs ......

And about Recaro Speed ......

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 12:44, Mon 24 January 2011 »
Thank you ! I hope to be present ! Mallory Park & Santa Pod ! :twisted:

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 11:21, Mon 24 January 2011 »
Quote from: "Chadster"
do you drive this every day then or do you use another car
I've a 2nd gtt, but I drive very often this black gtt !!!! :wink:

Before, It was my only gtt since 3 years, and I drove the black gtt every day !  :(  :D
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Yeah there is a RTOC Pod Day this year.
Yeah! In september I think? And a rtoc day at Malory Park in June?

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 17:03, Sat 22 January 2011 »
Oh yeah ! I understand ..

So, for me I find a best look with wheels 16", but best in 15" for "horse-power"/driving/... :wink:

Your cars / Re: my black r5 gtt !
« on: 13:06, Sat 22 January 2011 »
Quote from: "Chadster"
how does the car handle on the bbs rims?? coming along to shows over here this year?
Sorry, I don't understand your question about bbs ?! :oops: For shows this year, yes I hope with friends, as the last year ! A rtoc day would be best at Santa POD ................. :wink:

Yes James, because in this moment, I don't like very well !! I've put 21 psi, but I've sometimes few pinging/detonation, it's limit ..

A little video yesterday VS a Cosworth 340hp !

-Injection MSD with injector
-Big Garrett T34

-K16 @20psi (and only 17psi in high rpm ! fucking waste-gate!!!)
-catcams 314
-big exhaust side
-manufold exhausts 4/1
-intercooler alloy double capacity


Your cars / Re: my new R5 GT Turbo
« on: 18:24, Wed 19 January 2011 »
Very nice this gtt !! 8)

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