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Your cars / Re: My R5gt Raider
« on: 15:35, Sun 16 January 2011 »
i work in a body shop so the colours arnt a problem

Your cars / Re: My R5gt Raider
« on: 22:07, Sat 15 January 2011 »
no lol

they are "teardrop"  vents.

im looking for a bonnet so i can take them off.

will a normal renault 5 campus bonnet fit does anyone know?

Your cars / My R5gt Raider
« on: 21:37, Sat 15 January 2011 »

General Chat / Re: i need your expert opinons!!!
« on: 19:23, Sat 15 January 2011 »
sorry...paintwork is imaculate.
not a scratch on her and the interior matches

General Chat / i need your expert opinons!!!
« on: 19:22, Sat 15 January 2011 »
i have a renault 5 gt turbo raider with full original interior original alloys (not fitted because of a big brake conversion) outside looks almost standard aprt from a few vents in the bumper.

it has full service history from new. i am only the third owner. and has been tuned and has pretty much everything ktec and gt tuning has to offer installed.

i have a dyno print reading over 200bhp and running over 150bhp at the wheels.

she has done 100000 miles but the engine has done less than 3000 miles.

she is up for sale.
no tax no mot at the moment but will have when i sell her.

how much should she be worth.

thanks guys.

General Chat / Re: Decent Garage (or helpful members?) in Midlands
« on: 22:26, Mon 15 November 2010 »
i know of a motorsport prep place.

one lad works there has alot of expericance with r5gtt's.

in hereford

General Chat / Re: TYPE R hahahaha!!!!!!
« on: 22:24, Mon 15 November 2010 »
being a honda and r5gtt fan.

as i have both of them. not a type r but a crx vtec.

but the 5 might be as quick or quicker than a type r BUT type r has traction control/abs/aircon-climate control and tbf has a much nicer ride than the 5 (i do like the 5's though)

but yeah... isnt it a bit like comparing a fiesta to a passat?

Newbies / Re: Hi, i have a raider
« on: 18:03, Sun 14 November 2010 »
needs an exhuast

not to sure i like the look of the tear drop intakes on the bonnet.

but im sure i will get used to them.

Newbies / Re: Hi, i have a raider
« on: 20:00, Thu 11 November 2010 »
not yet............. still awaiting delivery.

but dont worry.

i will put alot of pics on cause im very proud

Newbies / Hi, i have a raider
« on: 19:41, Thu 11 November 2010 »
i am already the owner of a honda crx vtec with 200bhp.

and my mate has had this raider since he was 15

in the years he has owned it he basically bought everything from ktec.

so.....30,000 later he sold it to me

which was amazing cause i have always wanted one.

so now i am the VERY proud owner of a renault 5 turbo raider.

i am the 3rd owner from new.

:) very happy.

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