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workin now lads !!!! my dads friend whos a mechanic and used to on a 5 turbo.... straight away said change the plugs etc.. so i got him to get them and now she fires right up !!! thanks to everyone for their help and ideas... its nice to see there is decent people still out there !

Your cars / Re: My 5
« on: 23:37, Tue 15 February 2011 »
Hey bud ! its ger..... nice to see your gettin stuck in on the car..... takin shape now as i can see... hope the paint you used was from the money i gave ya for the parts heheheeh  :wink:   top bloke though.. knows his stuff about them.. mine is almost ready and i will take a trip down to you cause eh i need a few more bits  :(  passanger side seat belt with the housing etc...  now close the garage door and tell the missus your busy !!!

roger.. thanks everyone so far... i will update tomorrow nite.... and i am taking photos so finally i can show what i have done to my car.... :P

Getting new plugs tomorrow and will let the air get at the petrol for a bit as well.... a friend told me to tow the car in gear and with the ignition on to run the petrol out ... ideas?

right guys update...

did a compression test on the car and all is fine there as well.....
my friend who is well good on cars etc insists the engine is flooded because the spark plugs are soaked in fuel...

now for you gurus out there...

how do i un flood the engine... i have heard two ways of people on this side of the water.

(1) tow the car in gear with the ignition on

(2) leave spark plugs out over night to vapourate the exess???

but you lot will definatly know ...  Tell me wise men..... of thes board  :?:

General Chat / A video i found on youtube of our beloved gt5's !!!
« on: 23:42, Sat 12 February 2011 »


god this is gettin beoyond what i know lads... the carb looks a tricky bit of kit.. i dunno what to look for..... what i cant understand is that it was fine two feckin weeks ago.... how can a problem like this just happen like....

k will do... but when i checked and cleaned the spark plugs twice the fuel was definately gettin in

Thanks for all the replies heres the update !

I checked all the spark plugs and they spark !!!! still wont start ...
like what the hell is wrong with it.. i have fuel and spark spark and no bang?

lads.. any ideas?

right i dis connected the fuel line tonight from the carb and stuck it in a clear bottle and turned the engine over... petrol went straight into the bottle so the pump works fine yea?

so i took off the ht leads and taken 1 spark plug out to have a look and the top if fairly black...

engine still wont start ...

what do i do next guys i need your knowledge !!! educate me !!!  :(

cheers guys.... thanks for the response so far.... really appreciate it.... gotta post pics of the car ...

now dont wanna sound simple but which line  do i take of the carb? i have a group a carb i think it is ......  so i take it off put it into a bottle and try start yea?

thanks marky.....  sould i check connections on fuel pump aswell ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help before I feckin explode ......wont start :-(
« on: 21:23, Wed 09 February 2011 »
Hey guys,
Right nearly fiished a renovation I am workin on in Ireland. Here is the problem

I parked the car up 2 weeks ago and set about doing bits and bobs.

I put a new battery in etc and there is plenty of fuel.
the engine kicks over and the odd splurt of wanting to start happens then it wont start !

I briefly read about there being 2 fuel pumps etc - can this cause the problem ?
if so how do i switch to the main fuel pump.

(2)  it seems to me fuel is not getting to the engine so whats your thoughts ?

please help i have done nothing but do circlles around the car scratching my head...


Newbies / Re: New Irish GT5 owner :-)
« on: 20:33, Tue 03 August 2010 »
cheers guys i will post up pics,... yea thats the car good spotting  :wink:    ... its alot better in the flesh.....

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