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Newbies / Hi from Bournemouth
« on: 10:05, Sun 04 July 2010 »
Hi all,

Well I have previously owned and tinkered with two R5GTT but baby forced sale for something a bit more practical. Still have more cars to sell! :(

Now own :

Mk4 TDI Golf
Mk4 single turbo Supra
1990 Mini Cooper 1275

The mini is now also up for sale, seems it's very hard to fit a buggy, car seat + family in cars like the R5 and the mini :(

Wishing I could keep the mini as it's a complete classic, that or have kept an R5. The Supra is nice but it's more of a tourer and not as drivable in town as an R5 is :)

In a couple of years when hopefully have more time and a nice sized garage I'd like to get an R5 and possibly refurb it back to stock as much as possible.

Was up in Goodwood again on Friday and saw the nice R5 Maxi Turbo again :) Savage to say the least..

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