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Other Renaults / Re: Painting calipers and drums
« on: 23:17, Mon 10 May 2010 »
my 5 is white, so i wanted to paint them red so that they would really stand out. do you not have to take the calipers and drums apart to paint them separately, because that would be the part that i would be anxious doing myself.

Other Renaults / Painting calipers and drums
« on: 17:39, Mon 10 May 2010 »
Just wondering where i could get these done properly in the UK, on my renault 5 campus. I don't want to risk doing it myself as I am no mechanic!
Any suggestions?

Newbies / New :)
« on: 17:33, Mon 10 May 2010 »
Hey, I'm Pog. Currently living in Kent, UK. Studying photography at uni.

So here's my baby, it's my 1st car. Its a 5 campus prima, handed down to me by my grandad. So its no gt turbo, but I can't complain!
Only done a couple things, purely for the aesthetics. I painted the bumpers and skirts to match the body and stuck some 15"s on.

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