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Your cars / Re: My dream car R5 GTT
« on: 16:32, Sun 09 May 2010 »
I finally managed to get hold of one of R5gtt Carb.original with stock jets, I installed a larger water heater with a low air fan thermostatic switch(92c-85c to 82c-65c)  and another separate oil heater with custom routes, more remains to adapt electrovent. to the water heater and is ready to roll : D(4-th week is hard work to car)

multumesc vasiR5, am implinit 3 saptamini si am inceput pe a 4 a de munca la R5 sper sa termin cit mai repede...

Your cars / Re: My dream car R5 GTT
« on: 11:04, Mon 03 May 2010 »
sincerely ,i don't know, but is written on the right side Made in England ;) :D
and i moved outside of motor, the ignition unit as in phase2,but i stiil have some probl. with the carb.i am working on it...

Your cars / Re: My dream car R5 GTT
« on: 19:32, Wed 28 April 2010 »
thank's mate for the advice.
at the beginnig:

working on it:

Your cars / My dream car R5 GTT
« on: 23:04, Tue 27 April 2010 »
hello and I'm glad this forum exists which helps to preserve exceptional car which was and is R5 GTT, still have to present my small purchase:-rebuilt engine, turbine KKK t2/t25, clutch in perfect condition, some problems interior, electrical and body, otherwise the two weeks of hard work on the car in the workshop to a friend Tunner. I changed Ignition leads, distributor cap and rotor, I moved intercooler on top of the front bumper and have to retrace it with steel pipe, I built a metal neck to carb. I repositioned intercooler pipes I put new air filter and electrostatic painted pipes I also wash the fuel tank and have changed all filters and hoses old ;),but I cracked the cover carb. I mistake when i changed the repairing carb.kit, too tightly round the petrol main pipe and it looks like I need a carburetor solex32dis

P.S. how can i upload some pics here in my post thank's?

Newbies / Hi from Romania ;)
« on: 22:21, Tue 27 April 2010 »
hello everyone, it was a pleasure to find this forum ... My childhood dream was to have a R5 GTT, I did 3 weeks ago, has a rebuilt engine of 1500km, carb. with rejetted A turbine KKK t2/t25 and yet so little, otherwise, work hard at it for two weeks because of other small problems ...

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