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Your cars / Re: My 5 GTT Project - Pictures Resized :)
« on: 15:33, Thu 30 December 2010 »
It did matey but i have not heard anything from him so i have decided to break her. i didnt get thayt much for her on the bay and that was everything together.

Your cars / Re: My 5 GTT Project - Pictures Resized :)
« on: 13:18, Thu 30 December 2010 »
Right well kind of an update or a downdate maybe.....

I have decided after much scratching of my chin that i no longer have the enthusiasm to continue with this project, really gutting but i had to get real and what with moving house in a few weeks i really dont need the cost of shifting the 5 and all parts in addition to the cost of moving any way. so i purchased this:

Audi A3 1.8 T Sport with a remap Happy days :)

more of a sensible car but its still a turbo lol cant not have a turbo.

I think i will eventually get another 5 but not as a project but as a sunday drive cos i love em to bits!!!

Thanks for the interest in this thread and thanks for the nice comments and encouragement although probably not quite enough PMSL.

I am however selling her. So parts etc are available and so to is the shell and lump. basically everything you see in this project thread.... Oh and yes it is mortifying taking apart everything i have put together :(

Your cars / Re: My 5 GTT Project - Pictures Resized :)
« on: 13:53, Fri 08 October 2010 »
Cheers matey I cant wait to see this one progress!!! lol

i had a read of your project from the start and it was almost exactly the same as my plan except i didnt have the balls to chop and weld as much as you have so decided on a reshell..

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 13:08, Fri 08 October 2010 »
This 5 is Awsome!!!

tho that rear bumper needs sorting

General Chat / Re: Oh My Shite!!!
« on: 19:27, Tue 05 October 2010 »
Quote from: "andybond"
Ill be honest - bloody hard work !

You need to put in hours and hours for no reward ,then other jobs are crackers money.

Find a niche and go for it , dont offer machine builds , and dont deal with job public. Business + server=  where the money is

Thats the thing i wouldnt mind putting hours and hors for no reward if it was for myself but u do that at mo for another person if you get what i mean.

tbh i didnt like the idea of dealing with public, doing home calls etc especially seeing how grubby some people are lol

ash at least you planned ahead, i'd do the 1000+ pcs then realise i dont have enuf power

Your cars / Re: My Renault 5 campus turbo
« on: 19:24, Tue 05 October 2010 »
mate i dont suppose u could pop some pics up that are not facebook, i dont use the thing lol cheers

Your cars / Re: My 5 GTT Project - Pictures Resized :)
« on: 08:10, Tue 05 October 2010 »
Hi mate, the turbo thats on there at mo is a standard t2 but its buggered and pisses oil.

Thanks matey

Your cars / Re: My 5 GTT Project - Pictures Resized :)
« on: 18:38, Mon 04 October 2010 »
Right bit of an update.

Been working on getting her back on all 4's so i can roll her into back yard under a cover of some sorts.

Wheels need a damn good clean and poss a refurb but havnt had a good look yet.

So once wheels went on and jack was away i decided to get the boost pipes retro fitted. I do have a R21 IC that i was going to mount at the front but i am unsure as to what to do.

General Chat / Re: Garage Lockup
« on: 11:58, Mon 04 October 2010 »
pmsl, never hear a r5 owner not moan about something..

thats what i have found and i think i have a deal with the IT supplier at work ;)

General Chat / Re: Oh My Shite!!!
« on: 08:06, Mon 04 October 2010 »
How does thatgo for you man, i have been thinking of setting my own up for ages now...

General Chat / Re: Garage Lockup
« on: 13:20, Sun 03 October 2010 »
altho mr mike your idea has led me to this..... ... egory&id=3

so there should be one for cars somewhere..

General Chat / Re: Garage Lockup
« on: 13:17, Sun 03 October 2010 »
they look pretty cool

but i think thats a bit overkill and she isnt finished yet. and tbh i want to be driving my 5.

thanks for the idea tho ;)

General Chat / Garage Lockup
« on: 12:16, Sun 03 October 2010 »
Just gauging what people think on the subject of lockups..

I am getting to the point where i am considering the bad weather and my 5.

I have made good progress with her the past 2 weeks but she still needs a hell of a lot more before she is drivable. so i am thinking do i rent a lockup or garage from council or private or construct a car port in the back garden for it to stand?

i have read a lot of people with lockups saying moiture is a bastard and the lockup acts more as a moiture oven and speeds up the process of rusting if not used often.

the other option i considered was renting a unit on an industrial estate between a group of people.

General Chat / Re: Oh My Shite!!!
« on: 12:12, Sun 03 October 2010 »
Managed to sort within an hour so was home and in bed for 4 but then up for 7 :( But main thing is i had no grief :)

I think my employers appreciation comes in form of a weekly pay packet ;)

Who do you work for andy? i dont fancy being tasked with that. i have  small 60 pc network to work with and that is enuf stress for my ed.. lol

General Chat / Oh My Shite!!!
« on: 01:55, Thu 30 September 2010 »
Well not normally one to sit and type about my personal life but fuck me what a week.

Been doing a mass upgrade to the network here at my place of work. so early morning and lateish nights and general abuse from the user population. I am the only I am the network admin/tech support/directors bitch etc etc so you can imagine how stressy it can be at times. any amongst all this my other half (9 year relationship) and i havnt been seeing eye to eye so late nights talking/arguing i dont think i av been to sleep before 4am all week then up at 5/6am. my head is fried

anyway tonight i get a call from the md saying email system is down and for me to have look. get on vpn dig around find the issue....sorted for some reason i had a little more of a look at the status of our other servers and find that our file servers main hard drive array has shat itself. so into work i go at 1am. walk up to server room to find a red glow around door.... uh oh yep its shat one... so i am now currently rebuilding the array and restoring data. it was a bit ass nipping at first as i never trus backups despite how particular i am with them.

so yes i havce found myself waiting for data to restore and thought i would post up here and give you an insight into my otherwise complicated life... lol

i am hoping to get home before it gets light mmmm red bull

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