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Newbies / Re: hello fellow boosters
« on: 00:03, Thu 11 February 2010 »
very nice!!!

can i have one?  :lol:

Newbies / and another newbie!!!
« on: 11:39, Tue 09 February 2010 »
Hiya all!!

Just a quick Hi and to introduce myself!!!

I'm Harry, 30 from Brum!

Some say its called havin a midlife crisis...but I woke up the other day and said I want a renault 5 now I'm going to get one :)  I just call it not growing up from 17 when I wanted one of these!!!

I know nothing about these cars as I've always been into my air-cooled beetles and my bikes R6 baby!!

But look forward to my new adventure!!  hahaha


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