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Hi guys,

I want to invite you all to the  annual season opener of the Dutch Renault Tuning Club! I know it's not around the corner, but it would be great to see you there and share our enthusiasm about our great little Turbo!

This event will be held at the Renault dealership Van Kesteren in Kampen, NL. After a good 10 days of promoting this we already have received confirmation of 19 GT Turbo owners in The Netherlands to attend this event. More 5's will join from Belgium and Germany. Will you add some of the British Fives to that? :D

More information can be found op our website: or our Facebook page (unfortunately for you, most information is in Dutch, but I will be happy to translate!).

The event on Facebook can be found here: CLICK!

If you have any questions or need any information, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Y)

I hope to see some (or all!) of you there. :D

Newbies / Re: Hello from Holland!
« on: 22:37, Tue 03 March 2015 »
It's been a very long while since I've posted here... Mainly because not much has happened. ;)

The car is still very close to the pictures above. I have fitted VibraTechnics engine mounts but after 2000 km's I've replaced them with the original ones again, because of the noise and vibrations inside of the car. I'm not much of a fan of a comfortable car, but this was a bit too much, combined with the exhaust. :)

I don't have any plans to modify the car any time soon, but I'm trying to drive it more regularly. It's been mine for over 10 years now and since the restoration, it hasn't run more than 7000 km (4300 miles). I think she needs to see her home country this summer... ;)

I'm going to start a new topic about our upcoming event on the 12th of April. We will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Clio, as well as the 30th anniversary of our beloved GT Turbo! :D More information will follow...

Newbies / Re: Hello from Holland!
« on: 09:32, Mon 27 May 2013 »
It's been a while since I've been here... I hope all is well! :)

No much has changed to the car, but I decided I wanted to have a set of 15 inchers too and wanted to have a different look for now. The Ronals will probably stay and be fitted again later, with a small spacer, to be able to lower the car a bit more.

I bought a set of Speedline Corse, powdercoated in bright red. :)

The quality is a bit crappy, but it gives you an idea of the looks.

Next up is a new carburettor, fuel pressure regulator and custom made downpipe. :)

Media / Renault Tuning Club Kick-Off 2010
« on: 13:56, Mon 19 April 2010 »
Just to give you all an impression of our meet up on the 11th of April. We hope to we can expect some of you guys there too next year! :D

Check it out... Over 500 Renaults in all categories!



It was indeed huge! Especially for dutch standards... :D

Here some new photos, which have been posted on our forums.

See you in 2011? :D

Some highlights... :)

More photos can be found here:

355 Renaults confirmed! (For a dutch Renault-only meeting, this is HUGE! :D ) A lot of French friends, Belgians and some 21T owners from the UK will join us that day too... Hopefully we will see some of you there too.

Combine it with a party in Amsterdam on saturday, maybe? ;)

Hey Xenon!  :mrgreen:

See you in Holland in April!  :D

242 Renaults are confirmed already... 65 of them are Fives! :D 9 Frenchmen, 8 Belgians, no one from the UK... Yet? :D

217 Renaults confirmed!

65 Renault 5's! :D

176 cars in total and 55 Renault 5's confirmed!

I'll post some pics afterwards. :P

I'll probably be joining you guys at the French Car Show in Rockingham on June 13th. :D

161 confirmed Renaults @ 21-01-2010  :!:

We are arranging facilities for all people from abroad who would like to come to Holland on Saturday the 10th. Maybe a BBQ, beerfest ;) or just a visit to some city nearby to have a blast. :D

Etten-Leur is about 1h15 from Nijkerk... A nice drive to get the oil hot. :P

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