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Ice / Re: car audio installer
« on: 17:36, Thu 08 March 2012 »
do you know hwere i can get a recone kit for the mtx subwoofer

General Chat / Re: Devon
« on: 19:21, Thu 08 December 2011 »
:lol:  there is a black 5 in honiton but dont think he wants to join a club, i have spoke to hime before

General Chat / adding pics to gallery
« on: 14:48, Sun 04 December 2011 »
can pics be added to the gallery if so how  :D

General Chat / Re: Devon
« on: 14:47, Sun 04 December 2011 »
i am  :)

General Chat / Re: what wheels are people running on their 5GTT?
« on: 14:46, Sun 04 December 2011 »
15" image split rims  :D

General Chat / Re: Marmite car
« on: 14:45, Sun 04 December 2011 »
some bits aint to good but i like it

General Chat / Re: im having a nightmare
« on: 21:28, Fri 26 August 2011 »
Quote from: "5-Mission"
Not the 1st time this type of post has appeared on here! You can make any seats fit. I fitted honda CRX seats many years back you just have to chop the runners about a bit, align them in the car for where you want the seats and weld them to the bases  8)

got to agree any seat can fit. i was going to fit crx seats in mine but couldnt find any at the time so i went for toyota celica seats. they are very tight fit and was a pain i the butt to fit . making the rails/frame to fit the different bolt placements was the easy part

Ice / Re: car audio installer
« on: 20:18, Thu 25 August 2011 »
heres a question for you i brought a new mtx thunder sub a while ago and have powered it up but after pumping some serious bass though it, it started to smoke any ideas

Newbies / Re: new renualt 5 memeber :)
« on: 11:39, Mon 11 April 2011 »
sorry for the delay,i have found a thremostat and have tested it and it works drop me a pm if you want it mate  :)

Newbies / Re: new renualt 5 memeber :)
« on: 10:02, Sat 09 April 2011 »
pritty sure that i chucked the rad and fan out a while ago but i think i do have a thremostat could be a low temp 1 aswell, im off out in a mo i will have a look when i get back  :)

Newbies / Re: new renualt 5 memeber :)
« on: 21:01, Fri 08 April 2011 »
Quote from: "rsweeney"
flip you didnt do it by half measures !
after considering the different parts of it im deciding to just restore the renault 5 to normal.
this way i can then maybe sell it on and start a turbo build.

im really struggling for parts atm though where can i go
as renault are asking stupid prices like 70 for wing mirror casing etc...

what parts do you need i got a couple 1.4 campus bits left, front hubs, dials, gearbox, driveshafts possible some hoses and switches

Newbies / Re: new renualt 5 memeber :)
« on: 09:35, Fri 08 April 2011 »
welcome to the club mate  :)
i myself have done the camparse to turbo conversion too,i had to get all bits (listed above) and some more bits ie relays for the fuel pump and you will need the driver side interior loom for the fuel pump. when i done mine i chanced everything subframe , torsion bar, suspension, brakes, gearbox, driveshafts, exhaust system, electric window motors. getting the parts shouldnt be to hard most members have spares

Newbies / Re: Mint Classic
« on: 10:48, Sat 02 April 2011 »
welcome to the club mate, my 5 started its live as a non turbo and since i have chanced all parts for gt turbo items from engine to interior found that they all fit inc dash and clocks but with the clocks the speedos are different, on the turbos the speedo is not cable driven

Newbies / Re: What turbo ?
« on: 21:10, Wed 30 March 2011 »
welcome to the club mate  :D

Newbies / Re: Introduction
« on: 21:10, Wed 30 March 2011 »
welcome to the club mate,  :D

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