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Your cars / Re: NEW 5 Grey
« on: 18:41, Tue 03 January 2012 »
well be nice to see some pics of it defo

Your cars / Re: NEW 5 Grey
« on: 18:01, Fri 30 December 2011 »
i had this car running mate, i had markey mark come down and do some modifications to the wiring.

when i sold it to him he only had to do the respray and patch the part that on the passengers arch, and also just sort out the braided oil pipe from the block end as it was leaking oil, just needed some plumbing tape around the screw thread and then put back in.

i was going to take this back off him as i miss it alot but he wouldnt give me time to fund the money and he wantd too much for it at the time to quit the auction.

if u get rid of this please tell me as i will have it for sure unless i have another or a astra turbo

Your cars / Re: NEW 5 Grey
« on: 16:53, Mon 17 October 2011 »
sold this over a year ago, and its popped back on ebay so im going to try win it back so hopefully ill b back in the 5 scene, and if i dont ill wait til i come across another. i cant believe the car had not improved since i sold it, seems to have parts missing from it tho.

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 16:51, Mon 17 October 2011 »
long time on the forums properly, cars lookin nice rich, hows you these days?

Non Renault topics / Re: LONG SHOT
« on: 17:56, Tue 30 November 2010 »
yeah if u do, if i not got 1 ill be interested.

Non Renault topics / Re: LONG SHOT
« on: 18:47, Mon 29 November 2010 »
GSI kit, for now. and cheap -60mm springs

Non Renault topics / LONG SHOT
« on: 00:30, Thu 25 November 2010 »
i notice alot of us or are still down the routes of GSi Corsa's even tho we have r5's so im wonderin as a long shot any1 got any Corsa GSi parts at all floating around they want to sell ?

Your cars / Re: billythewhizz before and currently
« on: 18:09, Sun 14 November 2010 »
okay, well i dont know who told me that then..

Your cars / Re: billythewhizz before and currently
« on: 17:35, Sun 14 November 2010 »
i thought the ligaments for suspension holes under the bonnet where slightly different with each phase or sumit like that.

Your cars / Re: billythewhizz before and currently
« on: 16:26, Sun 14 November 2010 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
It has the Ph1 front and rear arches.

It has the Ph2 front bumper, spoiler and grille in the first pic.

Not surprising really, given the age and type of car these are they get 'played' around with quite a lot.

I'm 95% sure that as a 'D' plate it would of rolled out the factory as a Ph1.

Quote from: "gtturbo1984"

Are you thinking of the old shaped R5? Gordini etc.

you say that but markey mark n scrather can even tell ya, i fort my 'd' reg was a ph1 but its 1 of the cross-overs. reason for that was bodywork, interior was ph2 but engine wise was ph1, struts included. its annoyin slightly as i want to get coilovers but everyone that sells 2nd had are ph2's. :(

General Chat / Re: wideband set up.
« on: 16:48, Sat 13 November 2010 »
best person on this site for that would be MarkeyMark but he leaves near Aylesbury mite be a long journey but wouldnt be disappointed, he worked on my car a few times, and all i can say money worth spent.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: No spark!
« on: 16:44, Sat 13 November 2010 »
is there no write up on the net at all for this conversion, there has been plenty people that ave done this so i cant see why there isnt one

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Big Brake Conversion
« on: 14:38, Sat 13 November 2010 »
there was a b/brake conversion kit on ebay goin a day or two ago.. look there. it had calipers, discs & pads, new braided hoses

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: AEI unit
« on: 16:35, Tue 02 November 2010 »
i think the 208 come from the earlier models, i mite have a spare 209 somewhere but i wud need to check. 209 are the better version so i been told.

General Chat / Re: paint job?
« on: 04:10, Sat 30 October 2010 »
im getting the outta done with all welding done and he doing mine 300 plus paint on top. 400-450 all in, old people that been doing the trade are the best to look for as there to do it for the love of the trade and not to over price people.

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