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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Low 10s AFRs on slight throttle
« on: 17:35, Sat 13 July 2013 »
Hello again people. I had some issues with my 5 before. Managed to solve everything but still got a major one.
On the AEM  gauge, on slight throttle shows low 10s. Ac jet is drilled at 1.1 to help solve the issue but nothing (previously at 0.9).
main jet is standard 1.2.  On the enrichment circuit, 1st removable jet is 1 mm and the second stage is drilled to 1.2 to help the on wot fueling.
 At 16 psi with a T25 turbo i get 11.5 afrs (way too rich though), on slight throttle-cruise i have constant low 10s (10-10.5)...
Is there a possibility the fuel regulator is faulty? If for some reason it is, and allows more fuel pressure, is it possible for the above effects to produce?
Carb is serviced and cleaned. I'm busting my head to fix this cause from one hand the fuel consumption is extremely bad, plus the constant so rich mixture will fook up the engine for sure.

Just for the info the problem i had with the leaking bleed nipple was perma fixed with some sealant underneath.  :mrgreen:  
Till now they're behaving just fine, no slips, no leaks, no issues at all.

Nice one, put them on yesterday, WOW what a firm fit they are 9.999 times better than my previous random-scavenged from random cars-pipes :P

One thing only, one of the bleed nipples on the small pipe that goes from water pump to small degassing chamber is leaking. Wel not the bleed nipple itself, but rather the hole in the hose is cut too big and it leaves a small hole enough for dripping water from there.

I read some fellows that had similar issues with their bleed nipples and sorted them out. Would be very interested how they did it. I thought of puttting some sealant  among nipple and hoses both ways and let it  glue together.

Didn't do anything to 1st stage, plus it didnt seem drilled. (i kinda think i double shecked it with a drill bit, but hey worth checking again and maybe redrill it to 0.9 or something.)
*I actually put a new smaller main jet i thought it might help, i put a 115, but still same afr readings on cruise.
* Changed the idle jet too i had the small rocket thingy inside that missed so i bought a new one and replaced, but no change there too.
*Checked the enrichment lever by adjusting it with a 5mm drill bit on the bottom of the carb .Thought it might open too soon and caused the rich afrs, but no luck there either.
*Recieved new magnecor leads from bay, well was gonna buy em anyway but didnt help on this problem.
*readjusted valves yesterday to 20-25 they were claping a bit, they don't now but still issue with the rich afr...
* As i said to my other similar port to rtoc, the 2nd previous owner said that have put a 1st stage cam on it. haven't checked and don;t know really but there is a possibility it is messing my afrs if its true i guess.
One thing left is the fuel pressure regulator maybe it's faulty? and gives more fuel than it should? I know gotta measure it but dont have a spare psi meter atm...

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  Nice, so we found a good deal i guess!  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Oil/Carb
« on: 17:01, Sun 24 June 2012 »
I use elf 10-40, happy with it 1 year now.
For carb rebuilt easy mode, just follow instructions once and you'll be master of it till u put it back together. Get some carb spray cleaner ull need some in order to clean it thorouhly.
Idle problem isn;t exactly from dirty carb, u need to set it properly from idle screw and then adjust it with the throttle screw. Get a tube of sealant too ull need to put some in the inlet where carb goes then apply to all layers of gaskets provided with your carb rehaul kit, but CARE don't put any sealant on the bottom side of carb, only on the flanges-gaskets and on the inlet itself. That will cure your high idle as u probably have a leak over there.

OK, so:

1) got the carb out, cleaned it thoroughly, checked all jets (except the 1st stage, stupid of me)
2) soldered and drilled a/c at 1.1 so i can get a bit more rich mixture at fot.
3) drilled second stage to 1.1 too
4) main jet is standard 1.2 checked it with drillbits.
5) theres no leak on carb or base, quadra checked...
6) cleaned the air filter (had 8 months to do that)
7) did a "trick" about cleaning the platinum spark plugs (didn't check them though so theyre probably blackened) with the partial removal of spark cables so an arch happens in between. Been told that it works.
8) finally fixed PERFECT idle (thanks aem uego i love you), 900 rpm with 14-15 afr readings al the time, and it sounds beautifully.

SO still have one MAJOR issue, it's SUPER rich on cruise. like 10.4 all the time, when i'm boosting it goes up a bit for a second to 12 then on full boost 10.8-11.6.As i said Main jet is standard so HOW THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING AAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Read that 1st stage jet (which i forgot to check) isn't on cruise but on beginning of boost, so it's not the one to blame.
Don't want to change spark plugs just yet (have them only 5 months) cause if it is still in the rich side when i do i will destroy the new ones too.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

hahaha well maybe i've been the lucky one or they sent me the master set they had for copying it OR they just make too good copies. Don't think they'll burst or anything since theyre too firm and have many applies on too.
Well just wait and see.

Yes i'm from Greece but it's the same dealer. Fingers crossed too mate, i had them at about 8-9 days so post a pic when u get them!

As we discussed in pm i'll post the code late afternoon, though i would suggest buying the EXACT same hoses in red i bought so u get the exact same quality i did. Maybe they got some "samco" leftovers in red :P

Hello again my fellow 5ers'.  Just got and installed my AEM afr wideband kit.
Since then i have issues with the readings. On idle it shows high 17s to no reading ( - - - )
, cruising jumps all over the place but mainly low, from 14.8 to 11. On full boost not full revs though it shows 10-11. I know car is running rich, i remeber checking the jets finding them ok with a drill bit set but i may have been wrong so i need to check it out again. Still i know i'm running rich cause spark plugs keep blackening and fuel consumption is really big.

Got a video here, just some cruising and the weird readings. (bonus on 2.29 mark u can hear me saying "wtf" :P)

Ofc you're right even if theyre copies theyre quality copies so great deal. I'mm find the link if anyone else wanted to buy hoses and mybe they're lucky too :P

Here's a pic of a bleed nipple:

haven't installed them yet, they look really good for the job and the money, a friend with original samcos on said theyre exactly the same. So or actual samcos or just REALLY good look alikes.
Bleed nipples seem very firm as made, what troubled me was that 2 of them were not put firmly on the hoses, meaning they were in need of some tightening, that's all. I'll take a pic of them if it helps. STILL theyre much much superior to the ones i actually paid for. I'll get the link too!

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