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General Chat / Re: side exits
« on: 13:03, Fri 02 September 2011 »
I have a side exit on mine it sounds stupidly loud, i frikking hate it, if anyone wants to swap for a more oe exahust let me know  :lol:

General Chat / Re: basic probely daft question on doors
« on: 16:38, Sat 20 August 2011 »
The plastic trim is frikking  8) but the front bumper is crap.
i say keep the trim  on there its how renault designed it, & lets face the french have style  :mrgreen:

i like my plastic panels so much im even going to respray them next week!
heres my  8)  plastic colour coded.

i wait for the replys from people telling me there crap & to fit a gt turbo kit.  :lol:

General Chat / Re: Monaca's mot today
« on: 20:51, Tue 16 August 2011 »
Thanks bud.
im quite fond of it, its been in the garage for the last few months had some welding done on the jacking point and a full respray. it is completly origenal and very clean inside.

General Chat / Monaca's mot today
« on: 20:21, Tue 16 August 2011 »
I finally got monaca out of the garage and up for her mot, and she passed with flying colours no advisorys at all, so im well pleased & thaught id share  :D

Here she is looking very pleased with herself  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Sills.
« on: 16:26, Sat 06 August 2011 »
i got mine from here
they were around 30 each good quility good fit.

General Chat / Re: would really help ?
« on: 12:45, Sun 31 July 2011 »
Heres some pics bud, sorry there not high res but hope they help.

The first 3 are my old car, the others are just pics i found on the net.
hope it helps

Links / Re: Just came accross this little site
« on: 21:04, Sat 30 July 2011 »
Great link thanks for sharing:)
I have 1 of only 34 monacos that's nice to know

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: 5th gear poping out
« on: 13:22, Thu 28 July 2011 »
I had a simular problem but it was happening in 2nd gear turns out the front engine mount was nackard, maybee worth cheacking before you rip the box apart, as its an easy fix.

General Chat / Re: Insurance
« on: 13:17, Thu 28 July 2011 »
I had classic car insurance with performance direct it was 225 fully comp im 27 and had 0 no claims.
cheap as chips  :D

General Chat / Re: vinyl wrap
« on: 13:14, Thu 28 July 2011 »
They carbon wrapped a mini on wheeler dealers it looked pritty cool  :mrgreen:
Heres a link

Non Renault topics / Re: LANDROVER DISCOVERY TD3
« on: 12:50, Mon 11 July 2011 »
The guy i work with who is a mechanic is into theys, you should give him a ring he will be able to give you all the advice you need.
hes a nice guy and loves to natter heres his number 07901734968
his name's matt just tell him luke gave you his number.

Your cars / My renault 5 Monaco
« on: 02:47, Fri 08 July 2011 »
I think its about time i got some pics up of monaca.
After lots of  problems with my old renault 5 gt turbo's, i was feeling down hearted and i put my my monaco up for sale a couple weeks ago.
well ive decided to keep hold of it for now and under go some work.
The car was really solid underneath i just had a small bit of welding to do on one jacking point.
The interior is in near mint condition, however there was a couple of serfice rust scabs starting to form around the bonnet, tailgate and window surround it wasnt that bad but im fussy so i decided to re-spray the car.
i also polished the origenal wheels and gave them a gold rim. (but to be honist im not sure i like them) il keep looking for a new set.
I have a b18ft engine to drop in, in the near future but for now heres a couple of pics.

I have a full phase 1 gt turbo body kit i was thinking of fitting.
But im a bit unsure so what do you think shall i keep it fairly origenal as it?  is or fit the kit????

General Chat / mike gt turbo spares
« on: 20:22, Thu 30 June 2011 »
Does anyone have a contact number for mike at gt turbo spares?
ive lost all my contacts on my dog.

General Chat / Re: anyone in retail? whats my rights?
« on: 02:39, Fri 24 June 2011 »
well fingers crossed il phone trading standards again tommorow if i can get through.
Yes the money has been taken from my account and still not refunded  :cry:

General Chat / anyone in retail? whats my rights?
« on: 18:51, Thu 23 June 2011 »
I seen theys xbox's advertised on last night for just 22.99, so i ordered 11 of them, the transaction went through and they took the money from my bank.
heres the add.

well i recived the following recipt

but then today i recived the following email.
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your orders for Xbox 360 4GB Consoles.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this item was incorrectly priced at the time you placed your order. endeavours to ensure that all pricing information on its website is accurate.
However, on rare occasions errors occur and in this instance we are unable to fulfil this order for you.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and disappointment caused.

The Gamestation
Customer Services Team

Well i want my frikking xboxs, surley they have to send them?????  :evil:

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