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« on: 21:58, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
The only 'slight' downside with pearl white is the plastic arches never match 100% when the daylight falls...  and the evening light makes it look like slightly different.  Not sure if this would be a similar situ with this?  all the best with the painting,  it must be a pleasure to work on! :)

it was all the same colour when it came into us, and fiberglass doesnt usually cause a colour problem like plastics can.

the painting is a pleasure but rusty bolts in hard to reach places are not fun....

more pics tomorrow guys

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« on: 21:50, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
The parts for the cossy will the so easy to find and tune to any level you wish and reliable!  awesome..  what a project!  :)

I had a pearl white 5gtt and that colour was the nicest colour I have owned when the sun was out,  it had so many colours in it.. looked stunning polished up.

I could have it painted tomorrow as all of the prep was done on the shell today, and the insides of the doors/panels and shuts have already been painted.

Its a great colour to work with as the effect is instant and the booth lights make it show up nicely

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« on: 21:43, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Quote from: "GTTboost"
This would be my dream ... to fully restore a 5 Turbo!!  the engine conversion may seem to some like a crime to change from its original but with the parts being so rare... and hard to find... and a huge expense when you do find what you need! (also wouldnt be anywhere near as quick)  Going for a cosworth engine being professionally built is going to be useable every day...  with a grin wider than the Jokers!!  ;)

Keep us posted!!  :)

Will do buddy, It did have the original engine in and running, something broke during tuning and it was then cheaper to replace with the cossie engine..

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« on: 21:32, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Quote from: "R4223R"
nice,are you keeping the original colour?

As best we can, its appears to have been painted at least 3 times previously and we only have a trace amount of what we think was the original colour.

without having the original shade to match we are using a pearl white colour from the same year as the car and it looks much much better than the previous colour that it was painted. Its a much cleaner shade like the original rather than the yellowish shade in the pics above.


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« on: 21:21, Wed 10 June 2009 »

Hi everybody.

We have taken on for a full rebuild a pretty special car thats you dont see everyday.

all the paint and bodywork is being carried out by ourselves her at Sharpe Concepts Auto Refinishing in Colchester.

The interior is being re trimmed By Stuart at Secerno in Colchester (Ex Carisma trimmer)

And the engine is being changed to a ford Cosworth engine, tuned and Fitted by Leon of the formally named Engine Advantages based in Whitam.

I will start the thread off with my side of things and update the rest as it goes along.

It came in looking a little worse for wear with the paint peeling off all over.

will add some more pics in a few minutes.


Newbies / Hi From Sharpe Conepts Auto Refinishing
« on: 20:26, Wed 10 June 2009 »
Hi guys, just thought id join up and say hi - but mostly to post up a thread about a very special car that we have in at the minute.


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