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General Chat / Searching for a GREEN 5 Turbo G45 RRN
« on: 23:06, Sat 27 November 2010 »
It was a pal of mine a few years back, it had a silly dimma kit that wasnt fitted correctly and never saw the road ever again! Someone had it in the Manchester area. Can anyone help find it??

General Chat /
« on: 08:06, Fri 08 May 2009 »
Rear suspension needs looking at, one side sits higher than the other. A little oil leak  :shock: and just a general look over to make sure everything is as it should be.

I'm after a few jobs to be carried out on the 5. I want someone that knows what there doing!!

Any ideas??

General Chat /
« on: 20:50, Mon 04 May 2009 »
Not yet.

Its standard apart from the 15's

When I have minted it up a bit I will post some shiney pics.

Any info would be good, if anyone knows anything about this car.


General Chat /
« on: 21:49, Sun 03 May 2009 »
Williams have a wider track on the front wheels too :D

Newbies / Newby saying HELLO!!! Just purchased a phase 2 turbo
« on: 21:38, Sun 03 May 2009 »
Hi all.

Back in the late 90's I wanted a 5 turbo really bad, the problem was insurance. At that time I was a wee pup at the age of 22 and to be truthful the 5 was a little long in the tooth, so I went out and bought its replacement the CLIO 16v ph2.

The Clio was a brilliant little car, had some excellent times with it and it was cheaper to insure at that time.

Since then a few years have passed, and 2 years ago I bought a Clio 16v again, just for the memories and a bit of fun. The car I bought was a tidy one, but I still had a full respray, all relavant servicing done and a mighty valet to ensure it was looking its best. After giving some serious thrashing, I decided that I had enough and sold it on.

I then came across another Clio in tungy grey that needed some engine work, so I bought that shortly after. Had a quick play, saved it from being crushed and sold that on too.

So now here I am!!! :D

I have just purchased a Tungy grey 5 Turbo phase 2, not bad condition, pretty standard (thats how I like them)

As soon as I'm up and running I will get some pics posted, I love getting cars minty clean and looking original, and then getting plenty of pics for all to see.

I will be floating about on this site for a while now getting various bits and plenty of advice. :P

This was my original 16V

My purchase 2 years ago

My tungy

I bought the 5 only last week, I had to drive it 135miles to get it home. It drives pretty well, and its very much standard. The first thing I will be doing is getting some original alloys. It has 15's on at the moment, not a bad wheel but I want to get it totally standard.

Anyway bye for now and look out for some pics sometime next week.

All the best


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