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Newbies / Hi there
« on: 11:00, Wed 29 April 2009 »
Hi, I'm Alex from Nuneaton in Warwickshire. Come across this site and I thought it would be useful to me. Me and a friend of mine are putting a GT turbo engine into an old Twingo but because neither of us have much experience with 5 turbos (or puting 5 engines into Twingos for that matter), from time to time we come across little things that make us scratch our heads. So hopefully I can find some useful info here.

One of thing I need advice on is where would be the best place to get the engine set up after we have finished installing it? I know guys like K-Tec or BB Tuning have a decent reputation but both of them are a bit of a treck from me. Prima Racing was another option I was considering but I have not had any experience with them.

Any thoughts?

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