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General Chat / Re: CCTV
« on: 19:50, Sun 21 April 2013 »
I worked for an ip cctv company, specifying and installing for years. Axis are good out the box cameras get the best u can afford, chuck it on your home network, most come with a Poe injector to make it easy. They come with software or use milestone software, they even have a free version unless that's changed in the last 6 months. If u need any more advise let me know.

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 17:22, Sun 24 March 2013 »
Thanks Steve, not seen what projects your doing at mo, you up to much?

Done a few boring jobs over last few weeks, took out the rear windows to get old stickers and sticker marks off, tried to black up the black strip around the edge, sort of worked. Clocks are in and looking so bright and all working! Took the rear arch off as the fixings were broken so fixed those so it won't flap about.

Bit more motivation as it looks like car will be used for my wedding next year.
Want a standard front bumper if anyone is interested in a swap for one on my car that is in very nice condition but has been cut for front mount. Need to think about interior also, gear knob and front seats, eek.

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 09:57, Sun 24 February 2013 »
Been a long long time since I updated this, lots of things have changed. Had a full respray again as I fancied a slight change to the colour and to do a better job. Its now rover trophy blue base with 3 Kobalt kandy blue top coats and a clear coat. Had a quick flat and polish but still needs a tiny bit of finishing work.

Also done the dials as mine were pretty much white. Had them for years but always been too afraid.

Interior has now been fitted also

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 11:30, Thu 07 July 2011 »
Thanks m8. Its always good to go crazy with the paint, if its a boring colour then spray it. With more time we may have been more careful :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: I need an answer ASAP
« on: 17:13, Wed 06 July 2011 »

Your cars / Re: my very long track/road R5 gt turbo project
« on: 09:10, Tue 05 July 2011 »
My bonnet had a tiny outward dent that sounds very similar but i dont think its right over the carb lobster so god knows what done mine.
As already said, congrats m8! Loads of Dads on here eh, I got 2 girl :P

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 10:54, Mon 04 July 2011 »
Quite a big update now then.

Last week i finished getting all the front ends prepped up and started cutting through the seam welds on the passenger side from the previous owners bodge. Got it as ready as possible and on saturday morning we set to work on what i thought was an imposible mission. Remove front end, repair holes on new front end, line up, weld on, primer and spray in our large time window of 1 day.

Here is how she sat before saturday.

Beautiful sunnday day, started about 8:00, 8:08 here.

Started with the most rotten part.

Amazed how easy it was to get the first few panels off, this was 8:33am

Repairing the new front end.

There was a little bit of unexpected extra work as the very end of the chassis rail was shocking that was on the car, luckily we caught this before removing all the chassis rail from the replacement front end. Luckily it was only the section after the wiring has come out so wont effect rigidity and it was decided to cut the very end off and use the good end from the donor front end

No going back now so on with the replacement front end and a quick tack on so we can drop wings and bonnet on and have a look.

Lined up very well, tiny jig and a poke and on with welding up, about 2:15 now so still on track.

Pics stopped around now for a bit as was too busy but finished welding up, protected the welds and decided due to my hate of sealer (think it ruins the bay) we smoothed it all up a bit quick skim over and onto primer and painting. Heres half way through painting which is next pic i got :(

The painting was done from a rattle can as the main goal was get rid of all rust and have a good strait front end, was a special order from my mates bodyshop supplier for a proper match, unfortunately the last can was a bit of a spitter but its tidy enough and most importantly at this point no rust :P

And heres the end result, 18:38 loads of time to spare but pretty damn knackered.

It wont win an award but the rust is gone and all seems good. At the end of the day it will hardly ever be seen but good peace of mind.

Now time to concentrate on engine.

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 09:41, Wed 29 June 2011 »
Been a while since last update, should be a few coming over the next 2 weeks.
Existing front end is ready to be cut off this weekend, new one is ready to be welded on so thats the very minimum that should be done this weekend, with a bit of good luck though im hoping it may well be sprayed up this weekend too. If we miss the deadline this weekend then it will be sprayed in 2 weeks time.
Took the gearbox off last night (thanks tony for answering my stupid questions) and will be going to Fishead Tony for a checkover and will wait there after for the shell to arrive at his for Engine to be dropped back in.
Not many pics of this work as its not easy to capture but heres a few anyway.

Mid way through cleaning up inner arch, few bits of rust around bolt holes and on edges so very pleased i decided to strip back before it got worse

Guess thats where 1 of my oil leaks was coming from.

First time for me.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Where's my 2psi gone?
« on: 17:13, Mon 23 May 2011 »
This was some advice on the rtoc recently

"You can test the actuator with an old tyre valve. I used one from an old bmx inner tube.
 Push it over the end of the actuator port and pump it up and see what pressure it opens at and if it holds the pressure."

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Where's my 2psi gone?
« on: 13:15, Thu 19 May 2011 »
Might be worth pressure testing the whole boost system

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 13:07, Tue 17 May 2011 »
Thanks for letting me know m8! That will fix one of my rattles as the heatshield was missing one of the supports and used to rattle when i pulled away. Good news all round :)

Your cars / Re: My ORB
« on: 09:48, Tue 17 May 2011 »
Got a few more parts for the car now, heres the new turbo beside the old one.

Its James's old VNT so hoping for a nice improvement over the old hybrid. Not really part of the original plan for this round of work but its not like they come up every day.

Also Mike delivered my new front end, thanks m8. Here it is how it was delivered.

Gave it a good wash and as always had a dig at any rust, all was just surface rust apart from 1 part behind the cross member, below drivers side wheel arch.

All in all though it is incredibly strait and exactly what is needed. Will prep that all up over the next few nights. From suspension turret back is now about prepped in the car and is very solid so almost ready to off with the old and on with the new. Should be interesting  :roll:

Also removed anti perc fan wiring and labelled up all the engine loom as it had no connector block. Just need to get the connector and a diagram now and that can all be done.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Where's my 2psi gone?
« on: 12:54, Wed 04 May 2011 »
Does sound like something is leaking, dv is a good place to start.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Starting my first project.
« on: 08:57, Thu 28 April 2011 »
Heres what DVLA say on towing with just category B on your lisence m8

Motor vehicles with a MAM not exceeding 3500kg having not more than eight passenger seats with a trailer up to 750kg. Combinations of towing vehicles in category B and a trailer, where the MAM of the combination does not exceed 3500kg and the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle ... can_drive/

General Chat / Re: Need some help
« on: 15:26, Wed 13 April 2011 »
filter blocked?

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