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General Chat / And there was silence
« on: 21:40, Mon 25 November 2013 »
Wow quietest I've ever seen it ... Is anybody there.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: side decals gt turbo
« on: 09:25, Tue 16 October 2012 »
Cgb do the decals , for under 200 , both sides included!. Think renault still do them but at a whopping price! 300 a side I was quoted in 2009!.

James. Glad your finding your feet again ! Interesting read, as I've been offered a clio RSI , I just wondered what's the cost of the running kit involved to turbo charge that lump.

Then again I know my way around the. 5GTT engine fairly ok so consider this to be a big possibility, is there majour drama dropping in the gt lump, is it straight forward?

General Chat / Re: market crash
« on: 14:28, Wed 28 December 2011 »
You have to pay now? That's mental! Would probably explain the serious lack of 90's hot hatches for sale unless you want and ERST! Loads of those!

Should of gone for it ages ago, flip sake!.

General Chat / Re: market crash
« on: 11:43, Wed 28 December 2011 »
True, but even the jangers are not popping up! you still got your 5?

General Chat / market crash
« on: 16:16, Tue 27 December 2011 »
Having dipped and dived on here and the usual suspect areas on the web, what the hell has happend to all the renault 5 GT turbos and Fiesta Rs's for sale, there all gone  :? , I know of the current financal mess but, well there use to be like 30-40 5's for sale at a time on pistonheads and ebay always had a garanteed selection... whats going on ... Lol's

General Chat / Re: How to
« on: 19:22, Mon 25 April 2011 »
Yeah, I've been back in nearly 8-9 months! busy times at the moment! I had some money come my way last year ... thought about another 5, could have had a really nice one with the money but, i managed to resist the urge . for now! and the possible future as the girlfriend hasn't taken a liking to the 'look' of them

anyways am hijacking your thread haha!

General Chat / Re: How to
« on: 19:10, Mon 25 April 2011 »
danny boy! am good thanks pal, you ? you still got energy to be playing with these cars  :lol:

General Chat / Re: How to
« on: 19:05, Mon 25 April 2011 »
Im glad my Mastiff doesn't give me these sort of problems! ,

How is everyone these days?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Why does my engine sound like a diesel?
« on: 14:52, Wed 28 July 2010 »
Manifold not cracked or gasket not perished ?? <ignore

Sorry dude, Am going blind miss read your post !!

General Chat / Re: Mot
« on: 16:49, Mon 28 June 2010 »
Good news Danny boi  :D

Your cars / Re: my gtt
« on: 19:10, Wed 16 June 2010 »
I have got to say what a lovely 5 GT turbo you have  :D

General Chat / Re: Was it a waste of time
« on: 12:52, Sat 05 June 2010 »
I like them anyhows ! I couldn't sit there and do that so fair crack !

On another note...
I went on cod MW2 the other day , mate the games been ruined ! every one camps thats why I never like playing it anymore ..!

Your cars / Re: New girl with a very special car!
« on: 21:23, Fri 04 June 2010 »
am going to have a stab in the dark and say a Ford ?

EBS looks uber , really like them , I actually thought they where a Renault production!

General Chat / Re: Was it a waste of time
« on: 21:21, Fri 04 June 2010 »
Doesn't autosolve prevent bare metals from rusting ?

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