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General Chat / Re: Anyone still here???
« on: 18:33, Mon 06 July 2020 »
yep!! :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: By passing some water hoses
« on: 22:56, Sun 31 March 2013 »
like ash says, it'll be fine for summer, in cold weather it will probably cause carb freeze, especially if you have a fmc fitted. i had it happening all winter, took me weeks to figure it out lol

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: re using head gasket
« on: 22:39, Sun 31 March 2013 »
nice one ash. ye im still debating it, i think i might just try and get them back on through the springs with the rocker shaft off. i'll try sticking them with aroldite this time lol.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / re using head gasket
« on: 14:43, Sun 31 March 2013 »
hi, just bolted my head down and realised the valve stem seals have popped off again, even after i super glued them on last time lol. could i get away with unbolting the head and re use the gasket? it hasnt been run

General Chat / solex 32 dis manual
« on: 22:38, Wed 26 December 2012 »
just found this, its been really handy in figuring out the idling and enrichment stages

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: afr experiment
« on: 11:19, Fri 02 November 2012 »
bump!! still have this problem and its getting worse. last time out it hesitated and i cracked a liner :( would be a massive help if someone could confirm what the afr meter does :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: piper cam valve clearance
« on: 07:19, Tue 15 May 2012 »
cool, ye thats the conclusion i came to after a bit of thinkin. did u ever sort ur tappin noise out ash? ive got a slight tick comin from the top end. clearances are good, push rods are straight (now lol) an manifolds are tight. only thing i can think of is bent valve but id expect it to be pretty loud if it was

cheer again

Renault 5 GT Turbo / piper cam valve clearance
« on: 22:50, Mon 07 May 2012 »
just noticed the adjusters are a alot lower and not much sticking out the nut compared with my old cam, is normal? anybody got any ideas? ive set them @ 0.20 in 0.25 ex


Other Renaults / Re: coolant leak f7R
« on: 19:04, Thu 01 December 2011 »
haha neither do i, havent got a clue about these engines  :?

its a hole going down into the block an its where the head bolts on, cant really think wot its there for. every time i empty it, it just fills back up lol

Other Renaults / coolant leak f7R
« on: 18:44, Thu 01 December 2011 »
hi, was wondering if anyones got any ideas about this? the hole just keeps filling with water. im thinking h/g  :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: underseal & paint prepping
« on: 07:19, Fri 07 October 2011 »
ive been using pu sealant then using waxoil underseal on top of it, works a treat

Newbies / Re: Hey from Wales
« on: 07:11, Fri 09 September 2011 »
welcome bud, im on Anglesey, not many people with 5's up here. Good luck with the search, u'll prob have to travel some big distances to get a nice one

these are the ones i always use

the trick is to turn them inside out an then slide it over in one quick motion, as soon as u stop it gets stuck.
plus they arnt universal so they it properly. i use to fit them in situ aswell, no need to remove the drive shaft.

Links / Re: Just came accross this little site
« on: 17:06, Sat 30 July 2011 »
check this one out, might have the only one left ina few years lol

Other Renaults / Re: C1J into a valver.....
« on: 20:34, Thu 21 July 2011 »
you would be best off with 1.2 or 1.4 clio shell otherwise you'll be in the higher tax bracket

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