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Renault 5 GT Turbo / confused big time... wiring nightmare
« on: 14:05, Tue 11 May 2010 »
hi guys. right the problem ive got is when i bought my 5 it wasnt running very well and i planned to make it a nice clean example with a few breathing mods... now the problem i have is ive stripped the car with the help of a friend whooo...... took afew wires off in the excitement of dismantling. Now its been in the paint shop for ages now and is soon hopefully coming out ive been staying late with the guy in the body shop doing a few bits to the 5.

But ive got a brand new loom from CGB (meant to be orignal?? cant remember) It is ran in the engine bay from where i remember it runs now the easy stuff such as oil lever etc that can only reach so far and can only be one thing are on. But ive got a bunch of wires that feed up to the alternator yellow and red/brown (colourblind) lol

Basicly im looking to see if anyone else has had one of these looms and has any diagrams of what goes where? i am the owner of a haynes manual which the diagrams are confusing and i can seem to locate out off all the engine bay ones which is the correct one for the gt turbo.

Its been over 9 months since it was all taken apart i spent a day looking at these wires just hoping to jog my memory. The other problem being my old loom was 20 years old and had been cut etc and bits replaced.

Any help would be great sorry for such a long winded post lol

oyes bang on the money appears to be the right sensor thanks for the help James hopefully when i find my project thread in the pages since its been so long since i updated i will have a big update to do within the next week or so

well lets see what turns up on thursday lol its in stock in the uk.....

thanks alot for that James big help ended up calling him with the part number so that we knew what they listed the sensor as then just looked for it in the phase 2 parts list but it was in french lol but we got there in the end to me trade was 57 + vat

hi cheers thats great. wonder wether its the same thing? since the aei is the same from phase 1 to 2?

Thanks alot that sounds great i get trade prices from renault anyway so will see how much it is! Just had a brand new bonnet from them 122. Which i dont think is too bad

Renault 5 GT Turbo / knock sensors? front of head???/? what is it?
« on: 14:06, Thu 22 April 2010 »
hi guys been a while since i worked on my 5 but it is getting closer to being finished now the painter has carryed on working on it!! but ive read somewhere on here that the sensor in the front of the cyclinder head is a "knock sensor"?? now i have phoned many suppliers near me euro car parts, cats automotive and also renault them selfs and they dont see this sensor listed for the car. Renault also phoned renault france and got them to check on the micro vision and they also didnt come up with anything....????

Now my problem is that the old one is dirty and looks tatty and i want a nice new shinny one but of course as said none of the suppliers seem to list them...... does anyone happen to know where i can get one? or the part number for it so i can order it from renault?

Any help is great welcomed

Your cars /
« on: 14:30, Sun 09 August 2009 »

Been ill last few days but finaly been able to get my lazy arse out of bed and go see how its going on the 5.

As stated previously the car is in primer got pics now to follow, and today painter has been rubbing the whole car down by hand ready for paint tomorrow.

Also some pics of goodies ;)

Gaz Coilovers

Spal Fan

Alloy Radiator

Car in primer and mostly rubbed down ready for paint

Right soo thats the shell done as you can see in the inner wings we have undersealed for protection agaisnt rust etc same along the sills and inner arches.

So with that being ready for me too see as a nice treat today around 1pm me and my mate the painter aka John thought we would start to put some of the insides back in, wiring looms, pedals, soundeading and dash.

BUT instead we put all this and more in!! all interior is now in apart from the drivers seat and the bits in the rear that hold parcel shelf up, last little jobs to do Monday night before the engine goes back in.

Providing the engine goes in all as planned on Monday evening then i will be fitting the coilovers and what ever else i can get my hands on to fit.

Rest of the panels just to be finished off prep work and hit with colour painter wants it completed by the end of the week now :D

Really really happy with the work soo far :D also heres a pic of quater panel up close

Soo this is all go as of this week guys watch this space :D

General Chat /
« on: 20:58, Sat 13 June 2009 »
this one? :P told you ive seen it for sale ... 7C294%3A50

or am i wrong lol

General Chat /
« on: 18:09, Sat 13 June 2009 »
its for sale on piston heads atm i do believe ;)

Your cars /
« on: 10:51, Fri 12 June 2009 »
very nice shame it werent at yours when i came up other week so i could see it in the flesh!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / does anyone have the model number HU?
« on: 21:45, Sun 07 June 2009 »
hiya does anyone have the model number of the head unit fitted in the 5 raider?

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 21:00, Sun 07 June 2009 »
streamline are taking over the carbon world!! they started off on saxo bits after procomp went bust they bought up the old moulds :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 14:59, Sun 07 June 2009 »
cool :D well im a kent boi init ;) haha

Well least now i know!! i was thinking about having it closed up

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:18, Sun 07 June 2009 »
lol yeah got clio 182... had enough of clio think its going soon will be buying a megane sport f1 i think.

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