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Your cars /
« on: 18:05, Tue 10 March 2009 »
yeah its still going strong  :D

Your cars /
« on: 19:21, Sun 08 March 2009 »
i've looked but cant find any on my computer at the mo :(

Your cars /
« on: 19:16, Sun 08 March 2009 »
i've done a 14 sec, but ruined the launch so don't really know... it should be 13's tbh

Your cars /
« on: 19:09, Sun 08 March 2009 »
cheers mate,

doing a couple more bits to it over the next couple of weeks to try to get it ready for the fast show at santa pod.  Also need to get it set up, cos its running a little rough

Your cars / my white r5
« on: 18:53, Sun 08 March 2009 »
here's a couple of pics of my five...

its 214 bhp and 215 torque

Lightened and balanced bottom end, Lightened and balanced flywheel, Low compression pistons, Piper cam, Vernier pully, Uprated valve springs, Polished/ported head, Uprated head gasket and bolts, BB tuning generation 4 hybrid turbo, Braided turbo oil feed, Pace charge cooler, GT Tuning spider valve (9 - 20 psi), Re jetted carb, BB high pressure fuel pump, Cup mod, Large Green air filter and breather filter, Uprated engine mounts, Magnecore leads, NGK spark plugs, Kevlar turbo heat shield, Copper core rad, Low temp fan switch, Low temp thermostat, New wiring loom, Perc fan removed, Full SFS silicone hoses, K Tec lobster style alloy carb elbow, Rocker cover painted white, Engine block painted blue, K Tec 2.5 inch downpipe, Custom made 2.5 inch exhaust with 4 inch tailpipe

Newbies / hello
« on: 18:36, Sun 08 March 2009 »
hi, i've been signed up here for ages but never put up a newbie post.... but i'm bored so.......

hey lol, i'm dan from essex, theres a couple of pics of my five in the cars section

Events/Shows/Cruises /
« on: 18:10, Tue 08 July 2008 »
either will prob be good for me and ben l

Your cars /
« on: 21:33, Fri 20 June 2008 »
looks nice mate.... i was thinking i don't really like that swirly thing on the front, then realised it was the plate lol

Events/Shows/Cruises /
« on: 21:09, Thu 19 June 2008 »
hey, i'm ben l's flat mate, and he's talked me into coming to this lol

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