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Other Renaults / Re: R5 Campus Prima.
« on: 01:57, Thu 22 October 2009 »
I haven't sorry, all I have left is a red GT Turbo rear bumper

Other Renaults /
« on: 05:45, Wed 01 July 2009 »
This car is now for sale, I have a new job and no time to finish it, I haven't fitted the Magnex exhaust, Monaco steering wheel, or GTT rear bumper, it has 2 months tax and MOT till Feb 2010 (I think, will check shortly)

Anyone interested? It needs a good home

(will get more details on soon)

pm me if you wish

Media /
« on: 06:10, Mon 09 March 2009 »
Its prob be asked a few times before... but with the current games available... what would you say is the best console Xbox or PS3?

I would wholeheartedly recommend the PS3, my sister's son has a 360 Elite and they've had it back to the shop 3 times, because of hardware problems and glitches!

Had my PS3 a year and a bit and it's never failed me, I love free online gaming, free demos, trailers etc and the Blu-Ray is stunning! Like I say, it's really starting to show what it can do and I've loved it so far!  :D

Media /
« on: 06:26, Sun 08 March 2009 »
It's a quality game, as long as you don't mind that 'day and night' tune, it's always playing! It can be a bit hard now and then, but I think it's better than Need For Speed Underground,

Yeah Motorstorm 2 looks awesome too, the PS3 is really starting to show what it can do now  :D

Other Renaults /
« on: 01:39, Wed 25 February 2009 »
I've managed to get a few pics together! Still a long way to go like...

(Before I removed the side panels and changed side repeaters, mirrors removed for priming and spraying)

(Nearly all side panels removed and clear side repeaters fitted)

(Mirrors back on and same colour as the car)

(Rear light quarters primed and sprayed same colour as the car)

(The side as it looks now, sills need tidying up after welding)

(Fox 15"s in matt black)

(Dash as of now, ashtray needs re-fitting, Pioneer head unit fitted)

(It has to smell good too! And look good ;) )

Pretty much it up to now, hopefully will have my Magnex exhaust and GTT bumper on next week, air filter, component speakers, sub and amp, monaco cream leather steering wheel and chrome boss, as well as white dials/blue neons for dash all to come!

Media / Midnight Club: Los Angeles
« on: 18:13, Mon 09 February 2009 »
Just got it yesterday for the PS3, pretty good! I'm driving a VW Scirocco at the minute, no sign of any 5's yet though!

Other Renaults /
« on: 15:37, Mon 02 February 2009 »
That's cool! Can't wait to get it on, cheers  :D

Other Renaults / Magnex Exhaust
« on: 03:20, Mon 02 February 2009 »
Not to be complacent or anything and it is hopefully going to be my next mod, but will this go straight on to a campus? I bought it off a guy with a gt turbo....

Other Renaults /
« on: 21:32, Sat 31 January 2009 »
Just got it back yesterday!!!! It only cost 160 in the end!!! Had all the welding done and got lovely new brake discs and pads and a full years MOT!!!

I went to Halfords to celebrate and I bought a 'carbon fibre' Poppy Coral air freshener, some red Ripspeed harness pads and a dashboard sticky for my phone/ipod  :D  :D

Other Renaults /
« on: 07:12, Mon 12 January 2009 »
001 Offside rear (inner wing behind wheel) Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded

002 Nearside rear (inner wing behind wheel) Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded

003 Nearside (sill) Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded

004 Offside front (chassy) Vehicle structure has an unsatisfactory modification, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings

005 Front brake disc(s) excessively worn


Basically, a s**t load of welding is needed underneath, I already knew about the brake discs, was going to replace them, along with new pads...

Was quoted 200 for all the work, (including new discs and pads) the guy who quoted me, is also the MOT tester, he's one of the best I know and he's never let me or my brother down, my brother can't do it as he's got too many cars to fix, I can pretty much live with 200,

just need to wait till my income gets better, january is crap!

Your cars /
« on: 03:54, Mon 05 January 2009 »
Nice project mate! Love the plate too! Best of luck with it  :D

General Chat /
« on: 03:35, Mon 05 January 2009 »
50% of lol  :lol: , there's me thinking half of Pizza Hut was up for grabs lol

Ice /
« on: 01:25, Mon 05 January 2009 »
Mint mate, cheers for the reply  :)

Might invest in these little beauties: ... yId_165707

General Chat /
« on: 03:07, Sat 03 January 2009 »
Happy New Year folks, all the best for 2009 :)

General Chat /
« on: 05:13, Mon 29 December 2008 »
Boom pig!  :lol:

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