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General Chat / CCTV
« on: 07:59, Sun 13 January 2013 »
alright guys any one on here got any experience with cctv or what are good cameras and which are bad? had a few car bits pinched friday night, second time in less than a year that stuf gone, its doing my tits in now, just woundering if any one could shed some light as i know bugger all

thanks  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: cool louvres
« on: 11:18, Sat 12 January 2013 »
yeh the rain thing wont be to much of a problem i dont think as it is just a weekend car, just positioning of them that was all, thanks for the info tho guys ill have a little bit more of a think with the bonnet off

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: cool louvres
« on: 16:17, Mon 07 January 2013 »
a mate had the cossi style vents at the front of his right over the lights and was forever popig fuses and bulbs when it rained, again, dont wanna go nuts with them, and would like to have them for more actual use rather than just for show

Renault 5 GT Turbo / cool louvres
« on: 13:47, Mon 07 January 2013 »
alright guys, its been a while since ive been on here, but im looking to get a bonnet louvered, not sure how to ask it with out sounding like a noob again, but wheres the best place to get them, is there a science to placing them?

ive moved my air filter behind my light so im guessing a few 'air ins' on the bonnet by there? but ive seen some bonnet with the literally placed every where, are these for show... like above the alternator?? im also guessing u want a few air outs above the manifold / carb? or do u want cold air blowing on ur carb ??

any one got any pictures would be appreciated / or if any one just happens to be selling a half decent bonnet could asl be just as cool ??

thanks for the time  8)

General Chat / Re: Long Lost Indicators
« on: 18:28, Fri 13 July 2012 »
:lol:  i have been on a proper little directive mission, i have come to the conclusion, that all though i ordered the lights, clicked confirm and everything else, the company never put the order through, and therefor not be receiving any lights any time soon,

any chance any one could send me another slightly more reliable link for the crystal clear indicators ??

thanks  :D

General Chat / Long Lost Indicators
« on: 17:30, Sat 30 June 2012 »
i ordered a set of those crystal clear indicators about a month before Xmas, and the stihll haven't arrived, have only just kinda remembered about them tho, people did say that they took a while to be delivered, but 7 months?? bit much maybe  :?

i have been looking for those badges for a while i did ask on rtoc a while bk but no replie, any one on here have an idea ??

Links / Re: twin engined 5 gtt
« on: 23:09, Fri 20 April 2012 »
bet u get the same feeling on the phone to the insurance companies 2

General Chat / Re: Mintest one ever? 14,995!
« on: 10:18, Sat 24 March 2012 »
it looks like one of those little di-cast models from the out side

Links / Re: twin engined 5 gtt
« on: 09:01, Fri 23 March 2012 »
dose x2 lumps mean x2 power then? or do u just get a little bit more grip/tourq,

Newbies / Re: A bargain or a headache...
« on: 08:51, Fri 23 March 2012 »
i think its just a case of pull the campus one out and poke the gtt one back,

when ever u take looms out that run through the chassis or up to the aerial or any other tricky places, trie to remember to tie a piece of cord to the one end, that way u can tie the new end to the string and pull it through, i find its easer that trying to poke it with a crappy bit of stick or wire  :wink:

Newbies / Re: rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 16:50, Sun 22 January 2012 »
Quote from: "dazlaboy101"
o god nannys wig would come off ;-) do you think that i couldnt use the campus rear axel then ? and im looking and stripping the turbo engine down while its out and maybe getting a face cam and uprated valve springs and advice on whats best ?

im not sure. i would have thought the campus and gtt would be the same but i have read a few times that the ggt is slightly wider or longer(wheel to wheel)

some people might notice the discs on the back and have u sussed. i dont think theres any thing from stopping u using drums, it will still work but they put discs on the front and back of the turbo for a reason.. and it is surprisingly easy to change the back axle aswell.. as long as your break lines cum of ok,

Newbies / Re: rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 13:53, Sun 22 January 2012 »
they call them sleepers, its not as hard as it may sound. people do it to the extra vans ... re=related

(and dont forget when u go out looking for local kiddy's to smoke take ur nan with u and have her ride shotgun)

the rear axle is slightly long on the turbo when put on a campus i think it sticks out a little bit, but the arches hid it on the turbo (i think) so i dunno what u would do.. i dont no whats wrong with the campus one, n why it cant be sused on a turbo car

also the campus has drum breaks on the back

part from that i do belive its just a case of ripping the campus lump out.. and looms, and just swapping it all over

Media / mercy mission the rescue of flight 771
« on: 15:18, Thu 19 January 2012 »

General Chat / Re: I want another. What colour should i do
« on: 18:58, Wed 18 January 2012 »
Quote from: "linni"
haha bellend purple   :lol:
blue looks sweet with black bumpers think that gets my vote.
nato green sounds like a daft idea,but i must admit it looks good if you can pull that kind of thing off a mate mate had a civic a few years back which we pained in military paint looked the dogs  :mrgreen:

did it have the little jet stickers on.. like intake here and so on??

p.s just found this

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