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Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 21:04, Sun 18 March 2012 »
So another busy and fun filled Friday with the five decide to change the clutch as it was slipping. Me and Dave started on her at 11:00 and called it a day at midnight. We got the old engine in and new clutch on reasonly quick it was just getting it all back together again that took the time and finding out why she won't start. Here's a couple pic for you.

Old clutch


So had loads of fun just need to sort starting issue and adjust boost and then should be having some fun in her soon.

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 20:05, Sat 10 March 2012 »
It's called a towing eye cover mate I think there about 10 to 20 pound on rtoc mate
Mine was on the car already.

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 21:12, Fri 09 March 2012 »
Yes mate it's called a towing eye cover mate. You can get them from rtoc which is the other owners club or mike at gt turbo spares. Thanks mate the willy wheels are powder coated gloss black so they shine.

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 20:10, Fri 09 March 2012 »
Had fun with Nicole today thought I'd give her a good clean with some new stuff I got.
Here a few pics

Now just need to get my body panels together and get them sprayed together.

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 19:31, Tue 21 February 2012 »
Well I couldn't wait their had to go in today

So much better the oe look

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 13:58, Tue 21 February 2012 »
I love that vid aha you buger caught in the act lol.
I know the last couple of owners I think just let her go but Nicole is gonna be well looked after with me Steve. I'm after a new drivers door as its fecked and a oe bonnet she's a lovely car though need to tidy the bay up aswell
From this

To this

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 13:16, Tue 21 February 2012 »
Can't wait to get these on her

Will get pic of them on car later

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 17:53, Mon 20 February 2012 »
There lovely when there all waxed up lol :D

General Chat / Re: A good machine cleaner
« on: 21:30, Sat 18 February 2012 »
Yeah think it will be autoglym then cover it all in vinyl and rubber care.
Cheers for the advice. I looked on eBay and just got carried away lol

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 12:48, Sat 18 February 2012 »
Done a wheel change to the 5 as the snow has gone now. I need to raise the torsion bar up a bit as the profile on the tyres is to big for the back bumper. I've also got rid of the dv thank good really starts to wear thin after 400 miles lol.
Heres a couple of pics

General Chat / Re: A good machine cleaner
« on: 09:28, Sat 18 February 2012 »
Yeah the bay. Also engine, hoses, I'll use metal polish for the oil cooler and ic.
I just want a good cleaner if autoglym ant the best one

General Chat / A good machine cleaner
« on: 08:16, Sat 18 February 2012 »
As per title will be takeing the engine out the 5 soon and just wondering what a good machine cleaner would be. I have the autoglym one but just wondering if there is a better one than that.

Your cars / Re: It begins again
« on: 19:11, Mon 06 February 2012 »
Quote from: "sparkysparks"
That looks wicked. Love the contrasting wheels n bonnet. Id say if your gonna repaint it in your resto then a creamier white would suit it well good

She's getting treated to a fresh set of willy wheels mate gloss black. A creamier white not to sure mate maybe.

Your cars / It begins again
« on: 21:20, Sun 05 February 2012 »
Welcome to my project thread of Nicole aka C16 GTT this is my 3rd 5 and my last.
picked her up yesterday from scotland which is 430 miles and 7hrs witch took me till 8.00 this morning to get home because of the snow. i had to stay in a travel lodge on the m40 till this morning cause id being in the car for 11 hours forgot to mention i did the drive with only the passenger wiper working.
she is a tidy 5 with tlc needed to the body work but the engine is sound and goes well. My plan for her is to tidy the body up and go for the infamous 200 bhp figure so will need a full T25 with the spec of the car.
here's the spec

c1j 1.4 turbo from a phase 1
wossner forged pistons
knife edge crank
Stage 4 head (what ever that is)
piper 285 with vernier
t2/t25 ktr 180
Bms 1 piece downpipe with bung
Gas flowed alloy carb top
Omex rev limiter set 6.5k
Ktr sidey
full red silicone hoses
13 row oil cooler
Ramair air filter
Gttunging double cap intercooler
Alloy radiator
Pacet over sized fan

Valeo green box
L&b fly wheel
Gttuning short throw gear stick
Spax fully adjustable coilovers
Front and rear strut braces
R21t big brake conversion
Carbon lorraine pads
Willwood braided hoses front and back
Powder coated gloss black willy wheels
Prada spec 2 tyres

Carbon firber bonnet
standard indercators
cobra monaco s bucket seats
10 point safty device roll cage
Plumbed in fire extinguiser
Kill switch
Raider carpet

Here's a few pics of here

so as said let the fun being and the start of a long relationship.
thanks for looking

General Chat / Re: I'm back !!
« on: 11:40, Wed 18 August 2010 »
Nice pic mate where was that taken?
Hope you enjoy her more than what I did mate.

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