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General Chat / Re: charade gtti
« on: 18:52, Fri 28 March 2008 »
hey my mate has gont a chrade turbo. they are quick cars dont get me rong and they are probs a bit more reliable as they are 12 valve as they only 3 cylinder engines. my mate has nothing but a dump valve and a lightend fly wheel, and he can have 120mph in forth. but at the end of the day you cnat beat the looks of a r5, people say they are unreliable but if u look after them, ie change the oil etc every 3000-6000miles and up rate the head gasket to stop it blowing runing standard boost or jus above will also help this. And i would rekomend a intercooler on no any r5 model uprated if poss. but the later 1s phase to have a watercooled turbo anyway. it like anything if u look after it and when things go rong fix them instead of just leavin them go. then it will b fine. hope that helps u. cheers

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