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General Chat / Hi all......
« on: 21:47, Sun 09 October 2011 »
Hi all im not new here as i joined quite a while back as been loving the R5's since i was about 14  :lol:

Ive had loads of 1.8 16v clio's over the last few years but now looking to get myself an R5.

The clio ive got at the moment has been a long term project but im now looking to have a change and get myself an R5

This is the clio and a little bit about it(Copied from another forum i use sorry  :P ):

A little bit of history on the car and engine:
I purchased the engine from Patrick_g46 on here in October 2010. ... 12&t=41292
As you can see from Patricks post the engine was rebuilt and had approx 22k miles on it when i purchased it(I have loads of pictures of the engine during its full strip down and rebuild)
Due to the burning of oil mentioned in the post i decided to send it off to be checked before i fitted it.

In December 2010 i took a trip down to Danny at 519 Automotive for him to have a good check over and find out why it was burning oil.
It turned out to be a couple of valve stem seals wasnt seated properly.
While it was there i had the following work carried out:
Cylinder head rebuild inc full gasket set.
New headbolts.
Time in Kent cams.
Hone bores and fit new rings.
Fit cambelt kit.
Fit thermostat.
Fit new bolts to vernier pulleys.

I then spotted another valver(The one for sale now)on eBay in January 2011 that had a lot of bodywork done to make it rust free.
Inc having both arches cut out and re-welded with new metal to make them rust free, the windscreen was also removed to clear up the rust around the screen.
I have plently of pics of the bodywork progress.

This was now going to be the home for my rebuilt engine so went and picked it up the next day :)

Now the history is out the way heres a brief description of the car:
Had a full service when engine was fitted
1.8 16v Clio engine with approx 23K miles on the bottom end and 200 miles on the head
Kent 1601 cams and pulleys
Turbine alloys fitted Yokohoma Parada tyres(Less than 500 miles on them)
Strut brace
The interior is in excellent condition with no rips or tears anywhere and all the dials and electrics work fine.

I have a folder full of old MOT's, reciepts for parts purchased and work carried out.

It has just failed the MOT on:
Nearside front to rear brake pipe slightly corroded
Handbrake not efficient(Not been driven for over a year so may just need bedding in)
Needs new exhaust rubbers(Will sort this)

Just wondered if anyone was after a swap/part ex for an R5
Deal would depend on the condition of the car.....may also be open to unfinished projects.
Would love a Raider  :wink:

General Chat / Re: Is this anybody's on here......
« on: 14:19, Sat 18 September 2010 »
I noticed the spelling aswell and that always puts me off buying cars  :wink:
But am after a Raider as a project and thought it may be a good buy  :)

General Chat / Is this anybody's on here......
« on: 23:16, Fri 17 September 2010 »
As title really.
Anybody own this:


Newbies /
« on: 10:11, Mon 20 July 2009 »
Im from Rayleigh mate.
I hardly ever see an R5. See the odd one now and again down Southend but thats about it.

Newbies / Hello from Essex
« on: 01:27, Mon 20 July 2009 »
Heya everyone.

I signed up on here agessss ago as ive allways loved R5's just never had the chance/money to own one.

Ive currently got a 1.8 16v Clio which im looking to sell/swap for an R5 that i can have off road as a bit of a long term project car.

Anyone else from around this area i dont see many 5's about ??

General Chat /
« on: 22:26, Fri 05 August 2005 »
hi every1 this car looks realy nice in my opinion. can somebody tell me what wheels they are on this car because i cant seem 2 find any. also does anybody have the website to prima racing that used 2 sell that spoiler.

thanks hope you can help

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