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Newbies / hi
« on: 19:43, Thu 24 April 2008 »
Hi 5  :roll:

Newbies / Hi
« on: 18:42, Tue 22 April 2008 »

Hope you have a big pocket, and loads of patience :shock:

But they make you smile


General Chat / R5OC
« on: 11:31, Wed 16 April 2008 »
Hi as i am new to the R5 Turbo forum seen just wondered if any one is a member of the R5OC,

I am thinking of joining for advice regarding my build and genral 5 chat.

Is the club worth the joining fee is what am really asking. :idea:


Your cars / My project
« on: 18:53, Mon 14 April 2008 »
Hi all thought i would post some pic's of the 5 before and stripped, many more long days to go,

Many parts needed, front arch body kit, ss exhaust looking to spend some money on the engine next year, she should be on the road next summer fingers cross,  :shock:

Any advice would be greatly received.

I think i have put these in wrong lets see what happens.  :(



Your cars / my car (new bee)
« on: 19:15, Sun 13 April 2008 »
Hi all i want to post pics of my R5 what do i need to do, sorry to be thick but not big on computers

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