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Your cars /
« on: 11:26, Thu 04 June 2009 »
Love the 5 do the ats fit straight on or do you have to modify the spigot's?

General Chat /
« on: 13:40, Mon 21 July 2008 »
Architect. Too many years at Uni but Love the job. With my five could do with being a mechanic!

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:47, Tue 17 June 2008 »
The guy that towed me home said that the linkage was fine....Think I might double check again this weekend just incase..Cheers.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 09:02, Tue 17 June 2008 »
I only asked as. I fitted a second hand gearbox to the charade gtti i had before. Bought it picked it up got it home, spent half a day fitting it to find that second gear wouldn't engage. I was thinking that a lower milage box out of something newer may be the way to go, compared to a box out of a 5 turbo with probably similar milage to the one that has just gone on mine.

Thanks for the advice.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gear Box gone....
« on: 16:14, Mon 16 June 2008 »
Does anyone know if any other boxes fitted to anything other than just the turbo are the same....Such as the 1.4 non turbo or any clio boxes?

Mine has just gone, but I was also about to put the car up for sale so don't really want to have to make any modifications to get one to fit.


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:46, Tue 27 May 2008 »
Great, ill bin it then... Cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Perk Fan
« on: 13:24, Tue 27 May 2008 »

I have recently removed the perk fan. It doesn't seam to run any differently is it really necessary?

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.


Your cars /
« on: 10:45, Tue 22 April 2008 »
How much did you get quoted for the re-con on your turbines? I have the same and before I fit my yoko's think they need a once over..

General Chat /
« on: 10:10, Thu 27 March 2008 »
Sounds good, like any five get it sniff tested, when I bought mine the head gasket was gone and the head had a hair line crack in it, this had bruised the piston and ovaled it and also scored a bore. I bought another donor vehicle (the kid had put the main shells in wrong so was still knocking) and the head on that was also cracked. Parts are slightly more expensive than a five (head gasket 100) . I had mine for a year in london, it didn't over heat and surprised a few M3 drivers off the mark....With the replacement cat down pipe it sounded amazing especially at 7000 rpm. Check out camskill for parts etc they are pretty good. The people in the club (gttioc) are also good for spares/advice.

There is loads you can do to them, was planning to fit the ecu tubo and a fouth injector from a mk1 mazda 323 before mine was written off. There was an article in retro car magazine from a couple of years ago and this is the best way to get cheap power.

General Chat /
« on: 10:11, Wed 26 March 2008 »
Yeah i know, i only had to do the head gasket as one of my mates messed with the bleed valve and i was un aware...Put an uprated one on running well now. Haven't done much really had the MOT yesterday had to replace the brake pipes front to rear and had the front bumper and grill re-sprayed. Just trying to source some good doors at the moment and may look under the side skirts to see how rotten it is.  :(  Apart from that fitted some stereo, tidied up the engine bay and replaced the dimma cap. To be honest the reason I bought it was because of the cage and the turbines. I dont really like changing styling on cars too much and as my commute is 30 miles a day through central london I dont want to mess with the engine either...It runs well at the moment. Decided on the charade yet? Have you driven it?

General Chat /
« on: 19:49, Mon 24 March 2008 »

I bought your white 5 at christmas.....Going well by the way but have done a few things (head gasket again!) I did have a charade gtti before the five which I rebuilt over two years, and although I love that shape of the five it doesnt cmpare to the charade. I would highly recommend a gtti but parts are pricey and heads crack easily. Mine was standard with a cosworth intercooler full system (including cat replacement- a must) and filter but way more revvy that a five and sounded insane...Would kill to have mine back but it got written off by an un-insured polish driver after two hard years of sourcing bits. Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Electrical Problem
« on: 13:18, Tue 11 March 2008 »
Hi new to the site but not to 5 Turbo's...On my way into work this morning I could smell hot electrics but carried on as I was close. Just tried to start my car an although everthing in the cabin, works (lights etc) there was no battery light and the starter wouldn't turn (or even click). I have had a delve in the engine bay and noticed an earth strap has melted (fixed to the bulk head just above the brake servo) and an orange lead coming out of the compartment in the skuttle panel.

has anyone had this problem before?...I'm going to replace the wire and the earth, but I am concerend there may have been another problem that caused this? or maybe the wire just melted on the manifold and then shorted...

Cheers :D

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