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hey Baz man ;)  looking forward to seeing a bit of sun and heading off somewhere in the 5 this summer.  Still have a few little bits to do with the trim that I didn't get around to finishing off last will have to get that done.  Everything else is pretty much there now..   so that's  the good news!  :D    looking forward to seeing how your 5's doing. there never seem's enough time.. last year just flew by!

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 21:01, Thu 03 January 2013 »
Holy smokes..  :(   that will teach you for looking under the carpet!   good luck mate.. hope ur get all sorted out for the summer!

Your cars / Re: My 89 GT-T
« on: 20:43, Thu 03 January 2013 »
Bloody hell..   I like these cars a lot,  but nothing like some of you guys do!  Well done with all the hard work..  there must be a repair and weld gold medal award somewhere around here!  :wink:

Your cars / Re: my 5 before restoration!!!
« on: 15:11, Fri 28 December 2012 »
Quote from: "bazr5gtt"
:lol: soon as I have some ash they will be up !!!!!

 I'm in the queue as well for pics!!  :lol:  lol..  hope ur doing well mate!   :D

Your cars / Re: My 89 GT-T
« on: 15:08, Fri 28 December 2012 »
A real credit to you, nice's all worth it in the end.. cant wait to see it when its all sparkling and ready to rumble again!  :wink:

Thanks ash!  There's still nothing else like the Renault 5 GT Turbo that gives you that fun factor.

 The work you've put into urs goes beyond belief..  major credit to you for all the persistence and time you've put into yours mate.  It's really come a long way!  Keep up the good work mate...have a great 2013!   8)  :wink:

Just popping by to say have a great Full Boost New Year to all my friends here!!  Haven't been on here for a whole year as had so much going on...I cant believe how time flies!  Still have my 5 and looking forward to the summer again!! (plus I'm in need of a tan!  :shock: ).  Hope everyone's havin a good few days off and your getting as fat as me!  :?

 Few pics to end 2012 with...  Looking forward to finishing off the final few bits in 2013!  8)

 Have a great new year folks!!   :wink:



Your cars / Re: My red B18FT powered 5
« on: 21:36, Sun 17 June 2012 »
8)   looks like it means business!

Thanks very much Jamie!  8)

cheers guys.. 8)     havent had a lot of time to get as much finished as I planned for 2011.. managed to get both the sides trimmed for the rear speakers.. will have to finish this next year now.. but happy with how its going.. should look good when its cleaned up and a nice carpet in there..



Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 20:03, Wed 28 September 2011 »
haha..  I would have been running like Usian Bolt after seing that door open up!  I've seen too many scary episodes of Scooby Doo to know theres a headless caretaker in there with a pick axe! you prob disturbed him taking a dump!  you was wise to get outa there fast!  :lol:

 Yeh,  it would be cool to see more of your cool camera special effects work..  looks really cool mate! The more scarrier the better!   8)

Your cars / Re: Just bought another car...
« on: 19:43, Wed 28 September 2011 »
sounds like there are some good times ahead!  looking forward to seeing how it goes  8)

Quote from: "compact"
awesome car,looks perfect!

cheers buddy  8)

Quote from: "bazr5gtt"
glad to hear your fine mate!!! shame about the electronics,least its nowt with your 5  :lol: ,

im fine bud just itching to get at the 5 ,but been busy at work ,you know what like ,then when i do get time its pissing with rain  :roll: ,well keep the photos coming bud ,never get sick of looking at this baby !!!

I hear you,  when you have something you want to do on the 5 its frustraiting when something is stopping you from getting on with it  :?  I only mess around with mine on sundays.. as its a car day lol.  Luckily enough its been sunny for most of them lately... so has been good.

I try not to over do loading up pics as much,  as I understand that people must be sick of seeing it by now  :lol: .  so try to keep it as brief as poss.

 Hopefully u'll be getting your hands dirty on urs again soon mate!  lookin forward to seeing the next bit of handy work! keep us posted mate   8)

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 12:42, Tue 27 September 2011 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
Cheers  :D  MOT time monday so more welding, no doubt!
I still haven't decided on the wheels yet. I might sell them and get something different. I had those since 2004 on my Campus  :lol:

I went out with my camera last night and tried a new style out... Needs more practice  :roll:

And went exploring this old place... It was terrifying  :shock:  :lol:


Ur 5's looking awesome :)

Loving the camera work..   that would be a cool place to play the weegiboard  :lol:

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