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General Chat / Weeeellll its a long time no speak...
« on: 22:49, Thu 07 December 2006 »
Hello ladies.

How are things in the Renault 5 world? Still alive and kickin?

I got nostalgic big style the other day as I saw my first old Renault 5 TR driving along the street.  That then got me to thinking about my beloved Monaco that I sold and how much I missed it.

I am a Mazda whore now, but I miss the Renault sooo much.  How are things going here anyway?


Other Renaults /
« on: 19:00, Sat 01 July 2006 »
Check your solenoid on the carb mate.  :o



Your cars /
« on: 09:45, Wed 31 August 2005 »
Are you going to get the 'positive intakes' fitted to this badboy? Yes you know the ones i mean - those shitty things that stick forward and make the car look like an alien? PLEASE DONT - MR2's were meant to look sleek and low not sticky outy! Hehe.

I reckon this could be a show car Lee.


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:01, Tue 23 August 2005 »
I looked seriously at doing this to the Monaco i had - here is one that someone else did, i didnt think it was worth the cost and went and bought myself a 2.5 v6 car.

Or you could do this to it!!!


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 16:53, Tue 23 August 2005 »
Goran the man - clears up the mess and keeps it the best!

Cheers for the info on that one - i had only ever heard rumours!


Your cars /
« on: 16:52, Tue 23 August 2005 »
They're very hard to drift but doable - if you want some lessons *sniggers* let me know and i will quite happily steal your car from you, get used to it, and then return a couple of years later to teach you  :lol:  :lol:


P.s. very nice by the way!

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:32, Sun 21 August 2005 »
The 1.7 carb is a Double Barrel one and will not fit onto a GTT. Theres no point in trying this as in order for it to work properly you would need to redesign the vacuum system on it.


Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:30, Sun 21 August 2005 »
GTE's are Europe only as far as i know.

That means they will be left hand drive - again as far as i know.

They are a 1.7 Turbo edition - same engine as the volvo's.

Again my knowledge here is limited and i may be wrong in what i have said.

Oh, GTE's are like gold - if you dig one up, chances are you've paid a fortune to do it!


Your cars /
« on: 11:50, Sat 06 August 2005 »
Dude that is one mean looking machine!


General Chat /
« on: 15:14, Wed 27 July 2005 »
I believe that version you are looking at is the 200sx S14a Touring Version.

Right things to look for -

1) If its near the 100k mark, its new turbo time, with possible engine rebuild necessary.
2) Usual turbo checks need to be done Lee - you know the score.
3) Check for rust around the spoiler section on the rear boot.
4) Also, if its not a facelift model (e.g. it has straight edge lights no 'bad boy' styling, basically an S14) then look at the back of the engine block for the turbo intake area.  If it has not been equipped with a support then it is just asking for a crack to appear on the base of the turbo area (this has been rectified in the S14a).
5) Look at the CV boots and ball joints etc - if there is excessive wear (and the tread on the rear tyres is shot to bits) then its a drifted bitch - WARNING - BUY AT YOUR PERIL!  :roll:

The engine code for this bad boy is the SR20DET engine and should produce around 220BHP as standard I believe. Its a cracking choice and an excellent phallic symbol....I mean turbo'd car!  :twisted:


General Chat /
« on: 23:57, Tue 26 July 2005 »
Supercharged 5 project is scrapped - i came to the same conclusions as yourself in that it simply wouldnt be worth it, also I found that the fuelling issues of such a conversion would be far too great to overcome cost effectively.

The supercharging wouldn't have been on the 5Turbo engine anyway it would have been a 1.7 block, with the low comp pistons etc.  The thin block wall issue came up with the potential of sustained high boost causing crazing, and then cracking.  The potential for replacing the belt drive with something more substantial would have had to be addressed too.

In short, it would have been a completely new engine design based around an old and outdated lump.

So i said bugger this and went Jap 2.5l V6 - READY TO BE SUPERCHARGED!

Now thats what i call blowtastic!


Your cars /
« on: 19:36, Mon 25 July 2005 »
Nice looking motor mate - not too keen on the all blacks with the red colour but it does look good.  Also, as a point of urgency, get that back bumper sorted out mate! Then it'll look the nutz!


General Chat /
« on: 20:08, Tue 19 July 2005 »
Also, just a point of note - its alot easier to do a Turbo conversion than it is a 1.7 conversion.

The reason being that you would probably have to put a power steering conversion in as well with the 1.7, and there are issues with radiator and cpu fitment too.

The Turbo, being a similar size engine is easier, and there is alot more documentation and services available for this way!


General Chat /
« on: 20:05, Tue 19 July 2005 »
Mate i think the suspension on that bad boy will probably be a phase one style but i aint guessin'.

Let me put it like this - on the suspension housings under the bonnet, if there are bits poking up, with little rubber caps on to keep em clean, they are phase one.  If you cant see any bits poking up, and there are metal plates covering em (or not if they have been removed) then it is phase 2 style.

If it looks like this its phase one -

If it is phase one its getting harder and harder to get hold of suspension struts like this.


Your cars /
« on: 17:16, Sun 17 July 2005 »
Very nice - i've been looking for somewhere to stash my mower for a long time now - i even have room for all my gardening tools!

I must say that is EXTREMELY clean - whats with the different colour bodykit? I take it its not a phase 1 style from the look of the rear sections...


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