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Title: EEeeek
Post by: James5 on 23:30, Sun 24 April 2011 ... re=related (
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Post by: danboi2 on 23:37, Sun 24 April 2011
epic fail
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Post by: smithyr5gt on 15:10, Wed 27 April 2011
WOW! Can't even emagin how that would feel seeing my car do that.

My old boss had a lacia delta Evo I'm mint condition! (sold for 22k)
Well anyway the garage doing some big brake conversion on it dropped it off there lift at full hight!
He wasn't a nice boss for about a month! Lol
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Post by: on 17:49, Wed 27 April 2011
but when u look theres millions of these vidios,, and they all say in the comment boxes, strap melted on manifold.. strap melted on turbo.. blah blah blah.. dont the people who do this for a job day in day out ever watch these vidios or even take 2 mineuts to think about where there putting straps

and might sound stupid but who pays for the damages caused :?:

(also just found this one ... re=related ( they seam happy that the car was so powerfull that is snapd the straps.. if that had gone any other way it woulda ended badly surely.. look how high up it is, and the crowd stood around?? second comment down ftw)
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Post by: smithyr5gt on 18:57, Wed 27 April 2011
If a car blows up it's down to the owner. The company dosnt pay a penny (unless the have tuned/built the car)
Some company's can and do charge the owner for the mess. I.e. Oil/fuel clean up. Sometimes can reach over 500.

If a strap fails or has been fitted incorectly then it's down to the company. And there insurance.

Hope that helps. Lol
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Post by: on 19:13, Wed 27 April 2011
yeh nice one dude thanks  :lol: , i couldent even emagine to think what it would be like to lose ur car on the dyno after uve spent bucks on it, making it nice, last thing on the list of things to do.. get int tuned  :evil:
Title: Re: EEeeek
Post by: smithyr5gt on 19:19, Wed 27 April 2011
Lol happy to help. Lol
I have a mate who works for a big tuning company and just to ad most places make you sign a disclaimer just incase. To cover there backs. So you have to be carefull.

I only take mine to one place. As it's my mate doing it and he owns a 5 so knows the best places to strap it down from. He used 8 straps on mine. And it's a roller that's in the floor so won't fall off anything. Lol