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Title: Hi every one
Post by: dale205mills on 14:12, Sat 23 April 2011
I am looking for a r5 gt turbo can any one help, what I am looking for is a orignal one, dont relly matter if its got mot and tax long as it is compelete, dont mind about body work long as there is no big dents or poorly fixed acceident damage, I have got a recovery truck and traveling is not a mojor proplem for the right car and ther right price.

I will now tell you abit about my self I am a keen collecter of peugeot 205 gti's and one of mine has been in classic and sports car last year, 2nd place in standerd show and shine at pugfest 2010 and there is a buyers guide comeing out very soon which my car is in and there is a chance of it going up to the NEC this year with the owners club. My 205 is comeing up threw the ranks as one of the best orignal 205's in the country and the same love and attention a R5 would get.

some resent snaps
classic and sports car
Restoration work I have done and doing.