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Title: remote fob
Post by: Jason_ on 23:55, Sat 12 February 2011
can anyone tell me please, what size/type of battery fits in the standard renault remote plip ? It's the last thing to get working on the car and it had no batteries in there when I got the car. Inside the plip where the battery fits I can't make out what battery to fit between the two copper strips which are about 10mm apart - rough guess.
When I put the battery/batteries in, is there a learming procedure to get it working?

Oh yeah the car is a G reg R5 turbo with the original alarm.
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: Jason_ on 22:24, Fri 18 February 2011
It was 3 x LR54 batteries incase anyone else needs to know, it actually says this in the owners manual but took a while to find the right page! Also no programming was needed, just cleaned the battery connections, put new batteries in and now it all works  :D
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: mgree10 on 12:32, Mon 28 February 2011 3 or 4 sensors however no plips.....if i can get a plip,poss the same one used on early clio etc,do ya know how the plip is matched to the it simple?or anyone out there got a sensor and plip working to sell?...cheers mark
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: Ash-Lee on 17:21, Mon 28 February 2011
I would imagine the fobs are matched to the sensor.

Otherwise anyone would be able to open each others R5's.

Are they re-programmable? Not sure. I know CGB Motorsport used to have matching sets.
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: mgree10 on 18:40, Mon 28 February 2011
cheers..... :)
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: Bozl1n on 15:18, Thu 03 March 2011
The plips are matched.... but theres more than the 5 that uses the same size module, u can rip them out clios etc to

if you go on a scrappy hunt, just be carefull the ir reciever module is ok, as the ariel hole in the roof is directly aboue it.... and they got a habit of leaking and killing the ir sensor
Title: Re: remote fob
Post by: projectgt on 17:14, Thu 03 March 2011
Renault 5, Renault 19, Renault 25, Renault Espace (late mk1) Renault Clio (early MK1).

The transmitter (Plip) has a TEA 5500 Phillips chip as does the receiver. These are programmed before fitting to the circuit board and need to be a matching pair.

When you withdraw the receiver, it should have an orange sticker with a code on it. Likewise, the transmitter (Plip) will have an orange sticker with a code on the circuit board. These numbers need to match.

You can test the transmitter (Plip) with your camera phone, pressing the button. There is no easy test for the receiver except for plugging it into the car!

These chips fail if they get wet or even with moisture in the air. Cars with sunroofs may have leaked on your receiver over the years, the aerial seal may have leaked or even just the moist air may have damaged it!

Best bet is to get hold of a known working matching pair. Mike at GT Turbo Spares has several sets, alternatively they do pop up on e-bay every so often. ... _685wt_811 (