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Title: Steering Rack??
Post by: on 18:50, Tue 02 November 2010
alright guys, had my tracking done last week, and the dude doing it said i could do with changing my track rod ends cos there looking pretty shitty, was thinking about doing the steering rack as well. just to make sure everythings all new and nice..

isit a big job ?? (engine out) and is it possible to get uprated (or anything better than standard) steering racks. seeing as its being replaced?

thanks for the time  :D
Title: Re: Steering Rack??
Post by: Ash-Lee on 21:18, Tue 02 November 2010
The guy at the garage said your track rod ends are worn, but he still carried on with setting the tracking?

In the hope that when you do change the track rod ends you go back and pay him to do it all again?
Title: Re: Steering Rack??
Post by: on 17:03, Wed 03 November 2010
na he was pretty cool, showd me when it was on the ramp. just i replaced the wishbones top struts bushes bearings and thought that if it needed it i might just do it, but if its a mission to change i.e taking the engine out i might just do the trak rod ends for now. and the only time the car has ever been to a garage to have work done is at M.O.T time and tyer/tracking places,