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Title: Intro to you about me..
Post by: CraigWalker on 20:19, Wed 14 July 2010
Hey guys, I'm Craig, I'm 16 from Gillingham in Kent, i have never usually been into cars as I'm more of a push bike kinda guy back in the day  8) .
But yeah, i recently taken an interest in the Renault 5 GT turbo, and i have really been looking into prices, what it takes to take care of it, whats good whats not and well, i guess thats just the basics, but I'm eager to learn. One thing i wasn't sure of, was the insurance, so I'm a first time driver, any help on insurance quotes?
Looking for a second hand one, not to fussed about colour, as i was going to redo the whole car depending on condition, colour and looks.
I'v heard they are an easy car to drive with good steering.. as i said, im not really into cars, so dont know what im talking about, but if anybody could fill me in on some infomation about whats what and insurance and also specilists around the area as i have been told this aint your everyday simple car..

Thanks for reading, please let me know anything thats needed to know,
Craig x
Title: Re: Intro to you about me..
Post by: Ash-Lee on 23:28, Wed 14 July 2010
There are easier cars to drive, no power steering, manual choke and heavy clutch pedal can sometimes get a bit much.  :lol:  They are easy to maintain though, apart from stubborn nuts and bolts most the work is reasonably straight forward.

Insurance could be a killer at your age, some companys wouldn't touch me when i was 24 and that was with a clean licence. You can get classic car insurance but there might be driver age limits, it has to be a 2nd car etc etc. So i'm not sure how you would get on in that area.

I've had R5's for 5 years, my current one i've had for nearly 3. There strangely addictive yet most the time i want to beat it to death with a large pole.....if that makes sense.  :mrgreen:

Unless i'm just getting old....
Title: Re: Intro to you about me..
Post by: CraigWalker on 08:32, Thu 15 July 2010
Ash-lee, i understand what your saying about the addictive part, i've always been intrested in trials bikes and bmx's and i just cant seem to get them out of my sight, yet i love riding them on weekends.
what kind of insurance price would i be looking at if it was just a standard Renault 5 not the Turbo?
Thanks, Craig.
Title: Re: Intro to you about me..
Post by: 5-Mission on 09:12, Thu 15 July 2010
My 1st 5 was a standard 1100 campus, a good choice I think if you're just starting out. Insurance wise I reckon you could still be looking at best part of a grand for third party only if not more and another 3-500 for a 1.4
It's always good getting a car and modding it ready for when you pass your test. I take it you can still apply for your provisional at 16 then start your lessons at 17? I can't remember now - was a looong time ago  :|  :wink: