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Title: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: shakes on 19:53, Wed 09 June 2010
Ok after searching for a new 5, & getting very thrustrated with the good once selling like hot cakes, or sellers not replying, i rushed into buying this one Big mistake i went over to london last miniute and it was 11:00 pm buy the time i got there very dark & with the car having no tax or mot didnt want to test drive it to far...well anyway no point in crying over spilt milk it is over 20 years old & most are going to need work was just hopping for what i paid for it not as much work as this.
well heres the car >> (
maybee not to everyonce taste but i kinda like the modified look  8)
well i got it into work and took it for a propper test drive and noticed the 1st problem it was overheating, luckly this was a easy fix the top of the rad was getting hot but not the bottom, so i just replaced the rad with a known working copper core one & it solved that problem.
so for the next job lets check the shell for rot work begings >> (
heres the seals after taking the skirts off not too good>> (  (
as you can see they need welding i couldve got away with patching up but hey i do like this car and plan to keep it so i thaught id do the job properly and buy 2 new seals > (
so i cut the old seals out and started some welding as you can see (
as for the floor panel the drivers side looks ok but the passengers side is rotten badly (
 the rot doesnt actully look to bad on the pics its much worse up close, well thats as far as ive got for now but il keep updating, ive done a couple of little more fun jobs like i moulded 2 pod gauges to the plastics and fitted a oil cooler replaced the washer jets and fitted some number plate lights ready for the mot ( (
well ill keep this thread updated still loads of work to go lots more welding bit of painting, looks like ive also got to replace the piston rings and will do the headgasket whilst the head is off.
Well dont make my mistake and rush into buying a car at night even if it does look tidy from the outside, kinda wish i sat in london's bad traffic now, still it will be worth it in the end  :) :lol:  :lol:
Title: Re: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: danboi2 on 22:20, Wed 09 June 2010
Looking good mate good luck with the work  :D
Title: Re: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: 5-Mission on 22:56, Wed 09 June 2010
Hi and welcome to the forum - looks like a nice modded example you've got yourself there! Respect for getting straight in there with the bodywork, it's definitely worth it on these cars and you get a nice feeling of satisfaction when you've cut out all the rotten shit and replaced with good metal! I'm doing the same at the moment.
How much did it set you back anyway? Looks like it's had a few dollars thrown at it...
Title: Re: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: shakes on 23:46, Wed 09 June 2010
Thanx guys well i paid 2200 for it, when i made the crazzy decion to buy it so late without a propper looking over i did realise that at the very worse case senario i could probbally get my money back by breaking it.
but thankfully that wont be happening it needs a fair bit of work but luckly i have the facilitys to do it and cant wait to get her on the road  :D
Title: Re: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: billyboi on 14:50, Sun 25 July 2010
looking nice :)
how the car going? not seen it about yet?
sorry didnt reply to your message not been on here for a little while :(
Title: Re: Bad Buy! But i love it
Post by: kz on 15:59, Mon 26 July 2010
It's a bit bling but it kinda works :) are you keeping the wheels? It looks like a nice colour too.

Good little project should end up nice!