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Title: What's that price?
Post by: Peugeot/Renault on 21:11, Thu 16 February 2006
This is an ad that has made alot of people laughting around in Norway.. (

Translate som bits.
124000km covered
130hp engine (bog standard should be 122)
910kg ready to drive
top speed 209km/h
year '91
Original rims, ALL original extras, imobiliser/alarm

90 000kr is approx 8050   :shock:

Quote: No need for selling, and would not do so under 90000kr.

Other 1,9 gti's with similar equipment goes for 50000kr, HOWEWER:
Full Leather interior is uniqe....
Post by: jure on 13:50, Sat 18 February 2006
Not more than 3000-3500 euros.

but I must admit it looks very, very nice.
Post by: Peugeot/Renault on 21:02, Tue 28 February 2006
the car is now deleted from the list, officially it's sold :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
Don't think so, it was redickiless (sorry spelling) hi priced!
Post by: Hermanzen on 22:31, Sun 05 March 2006
I dont think the car is sold. 90.000 NOK for that car is unsolicitous robbery.