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Title: hi all
Post by: 03sharpe07 on 19:42, Thu 06 August 2009
 just a quick hello and to let you no i am a fabricator welder. and make bits like degasing chambers stainless pipework under the engine bay role cages strut braces any thing realy so if you need any thing just ask i will post sum pics up when my 5 is finished i do genral welding on cars to any questions just ask thanks  :D
Post by: dave r5 on 20:47, Thu 06 August 2009
hey mate  were bouts u based
Post by: 03sharpe07 on 20:58, Thu 06 August 2009
loughborough dude u???
Post by: RICHIE on 21:21, Thu 06 August 2009
i need a few things making i have the ideas and the drawings pretty much i need a support making that goes from the gearbox and to the manifold to support the weight of the turbo and also i need just a bar making for my strut brace i have the sides on there but the bar intererfered with the throttle body so i need a new style one made. i take it you do alloy welding also

Post by: 03sharpe07 on 21:30, Thu 06 August 2009
c pm richie